Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I love positive fresh starts and new beginnings so that is what 2014 is all about.  Truth be told for the most part I am always on a daily positive fresh start.  I'm feeling great because the work that I have done on myself is paying off.  I'm closer to the balanced vibration that I need to feel so I can be whole in life. 

I loved how I wrapped up the end of 2013.  Of course I could have done things better because I believe there is always room for improvement in my life but I'm doing great.  This morning I thought of someone who I have a working relationship with.  We are pretty much strangers for the most part but what caught my attention was the fact that she gave me a big hug then said "Happy New Years Bindu, I love you." 

It actually made me pause and reflect in that moment.  Honestly for some that may be strange or odd but for me it has become my new normal.  I actually got so much love from strangers that it made me focus on my humanity.  I'm conscious of kindness and how I treat others.  "Kindness knows no shame."  If I'm in your presence on the internet or in real life I'm going to show you love, I'm going to be kind, I'm going to be respectful and I refuse to be guarded.  That's who I really am.

No New Year's Resolutions because I know exactly who I am so I'm good!  After years of adjusting to my own personality, I get me and I really like me! (lol)  I feel awesome because I know exactly what I need to work on within my life and I will put in the work to achieve all of my goals.

I'm going to keep my life simple because I have no doubt that everything will work out in my favor.  I cannot go back and make things right with anyone that felt I did something wrong to them but I can be a better me.  I can show people from my past and present who I truly am so they can understand that my intention is never to do wrong or hurt others. 

On that note, I will simply appreciate the privilege of waking up daily and spread love because it feels good.  I will listen more as well as be more open to constructive criticism because I can be oblivious to how I impact and affect others.  I will definitely work on being tactful with my sarcasm but I might need divine intervention because I'm truly work in progress with that one.....seriously! (lol)

I'm using my power and learning how to own it.  We all should!  I do this by being conscious and aware while learning myself even as I change.  There is so much to discover within ourselves that equates to greatness.  As I change, I cling tightly to my higher and best self by offering the best of who I am in every situation.  I'm going to keep my good vibrations going and enjoy my journey.  
I must admit that it feels pretty amazing to have a clear mind, humble heart and positive intentions so I'll just keep that going for 2014.  If you have authentic love in your life then it's a great day people. Be happy, be healthy and take full advantage of all the greatness that life has to offer.  *PEACE*

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