Thursday, January 2, 2014


GREAT DAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There is something about pleasant and positive mornings that just does it for me.  Pleasantness is a fantastic start to my day.  I use that positive energy to create the best vibes so that I stay uplifted.  It is like creating a force field around me so that people who wake up in foul moods or who people who are very negative don't have a direct effect on my vibe. 

IN MY HEAD I already start with great thoughts, great goals that I desire to achieve and just anything that will ground me in greatness.  In 2014 I will blog a lot about relationships and the changes that will naturally take place as well as the changes that must take place.  Relationship affect your energy.

Say for instance if you have a partner that gravitates to negative energy, watch how they make you feel daily.  Pay attention to the effect they have on your mornings, evenings and nights because that energy is pretty much attached to you.

You may be in a wonderful mood and they can be a killjoy!  This is why it is crucial to choose wisely who you want as a partner.  You should also be wise about family and friends because they fill up your circle of life.  You have to pay attention to the energy and vibe that they fill you up with.

I've watched and listened to plenty of people discuss relationships to the point where I see patterns of self sacrifice that does not make sense.  Everything in life is about balance.  If your relationships are unbalanced then you will be too. 

The most important thing that any person in my life can offer me is great energy and pleasant vibrations. I start to "feel some kinda way" when people feel comfortable to intentionally or unintentionally ruin my day in anyway.  Some situations cannot be avoided and I do understand that BUT most can.

I'm very clear and specific to people around me about how I vibe.  I say this all of the time KEEP IT POSITIVE OR KEEP IT MOVING!  *TRUTH*  Why should I spend a second receiving anything that does not bring me or others joy.  That's a choice that most act as if does not exist.  You choose to be grateful or you choose to complain.  
Explaining and complaining are two different things.  When I explain a situation to people that I deal with, trust and believe that I have not only found a solution that works for me but I've made a decision to move forward from the situation.  That is me explaining what is going on in my life with the intent to inform others that I will move forward. 

Complaining is when people have no intention of changing their situation.  They want to bend your ear as they ruin your vibe with their "woe is me" stories.  We are not victims when we are blessed with the intellect and ability to take action in any situation.

I choose to take action by waking up and smiling.  I choose to be happy and pleasant.  I choose to reject anything or anyone that cannot consistently bring joy into my life.  I love living a balanced life and when people do not know how to make healthy changes that will bring out their positive energy then I do make the choice to not receive their vibes.

I great at loving people from a distance because I love myself too much to sacrifice my happiness.  People are who they are and it is what it is unless you choose to change the people around you.  Don't try to change people, just make the change within yourself and watch the difference it will make in your life.

I feel no guilt in choosing joy over pain.  Negativity is pain.  Hostility is pain.  People yelling, cursing and disrespecting me is pain.  People being jealous, slick with the mouth and fake is pain.  People bitching and complaining about things that they choose not to change then sharing it with others is pain.

Why relive the same negative patterns for years on end with only moments of joy in between it.  That's not living a full life.  That's why people seek vices like sex, drugs, alcohol to numb their pain.  It is actually harder to choose change than accept pain so people accept pain and function in their dysfunction.  

Life is about choices.  Every day you can choose to be unpleasant, negative and stay in your pain OR you can live.  I choose to live, love and laugh.  That's the energy I choose to create within my mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.  People who have high vibrations cannot be around people who are on a lower vibration and stay happy.  Energy doesn't work that way.

Be mindful and conscious of the energy you choose to surround yourself with.  CHOOSE JOY! *PEACE* 

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