Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Shift your thoughts and energy to uplift yourself.  It takes discipline and hard work.  You can do it!!! 
Let me begin my thoughts for 2014 by expressing my joy.  I am HELLA HAPPY within!  That means my spirit and soul feels complete joy.  That vibration is the positive fuel that keeps me going to create a life that is whole and balanced.  This is how I stay strong and determined while focusing on my  greatness so I can shine.

I actually wrapped up the end of my 2013 by coming to terms with my karma, life lessons and personal choices.  It feels good. I did so by learning my life lessons and addressing some personal matters the only way that I do it which is MY WAY!  I never allow anyone or any situation to force me to feel or deal in a lower vibration such as fear, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy or negativity. 

I feel, deal and reflect MY WAY!  I evaluate my situation and experiences MY WAY!  I know who I am.  I know what I am made of. I know my truth. I live life on my terms and handle personal truth in my life MY WAY!  After all this is my journey, my life, my path, therefore I will live it according to what will help and heal my soul.

I feel that every single day of each new year that we journey this path called life should be all about our power and being able to discover just how powerful we truly are.  Know your worth and truly value yourself by making sure the people who directly affect your life respect your worth. 

You can't force people to do anything but you don't have to accept their value system of your worth. Don't let anyone rate you on their level and terms. 
Flip all of the scripts by knowing and showing inner strength.  We are not powerless.  We are powerful!

Own your power by finding the courage it takes to have accountability for your choices, decisions, actions and reactions!!  You don't have to shout all of your rights or wrongs from the mountain tops and plead your case to the world but you do have to make peace with your past and present in order to be better prepared for your future. 

Your past includes your conscious and unconscious thoughts or actions.  List your goals, focus on them by working hard to achieve them so you don't get caught up in anything or any situation that will not bless your life.  Use your blessings to bless others.

Use your power? Do what strengthens you!!  Think of all of the amazing things you hold within your heart, mind, spirit and soul.  Things like your gifts, abilities and talents that will allow you to express your humanity will show you how powerful you can be.  You do have an impact on this world.  It is up to you to look within so you can see yourself in a brighter light.  You truly matter in this world and it is wise to act like it!

Focus on self worth, self appreciation and self respect!  Stop giving your power away! You are only powerless when you convince yourself that you have no power in every situation you experience.  Not true at all!  You are powerful so pay attention to your journey. It's not about what you experience or go through, it's about what you accept or allow within your life. 

You are strong enough to release what does not benefit your life as well as your time, energy, heart and your emotions.  Don't own what other people should own and don't try to force others to own their stuff.  Focus on yourself.  You achieve this goal when you don't accept what does not serve you well and when you choose not to blame others.  Your journey is about who, where and what you are choosing to place your time, energy and resources.  OWN IT!

Evaluate your life and reflect on it with a positive outlook so you can figure out the best strategy for change.  Major life changes can take weeks, months or years so prepare for it.  Life has taught me that the courage to change means everything!  Courage kicks fear right in the gut and gratitude will cut fear off at the knees. It is the best way to stay true to you!  I consider all things but in the end I stay true to myself without the intent to cause harm or hurt. 

Permanent change is always a challenge when you try to make everybody happy.  It won't happen especially when you desire to learn and grow.  Growth matters most to me!! My goal is to be a stronger, wiser and a much better me but MY WAY.  What I do and with whom I do what I do with must be worth my time all of the time. 

Can't nobody guarantee my tomorrow but I can guarantee my happiness right now.  It's not because others are not worth my time, it is more about going deep inside to rely on myself so I am not limited by the people I associate or surround myself with and vice versa.  Sometimes people assume that I have more to offer them so they keep me in their life when that may not be the case.  At times I get frustrated because I can't offer more or people can't offer me more within relationships.

You have to be fulfilled, balanced and feel some sense of wholeness within all of your relationships.
Healthy relationships are key.  It is not difficult to figure out if your relationships are healthy or unhealthy.  The difficulty comes when you fear change.  I stay open to change.  I don't fear change, I naturally accept and embrace change.  I take the time to look at every single relationship so I can examine how I feel because feelings do change.  

At the end of each year is when I sit back and deeply reflect on my life.  That is when I discover that I not only have many relationships to tend to but I also choose to change how I tend to my relationships.  I may tend or I may end relationships.  It all depends on fulfillment and personal growth.  In relationships your joy should expand and it should enrich your life.

First and foremost there is your relationship with yourself.  Be honest with yourself. It is valuable because how you treat yourself will groom you well in your relationships with others.  People learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself. It's about learning how to be authentic and embracing your personal truth without allow what others think about you to directly affect your life.

There are relationships with your family and that's work but again, fulfillment is key.  There are your relationships with your children, which is more work but truly worth it so value how priceless it is. There are also many relationships with friends and colleagues which can be a lot to juggle.  Are you fulfilled in all of your relationships? 
You choose your relationships so you must examine each relationship to see who which ones are really working well for you or which ones are lessons and obstacles in your way.  Pay attention to all of the signs life is showing you. It all stems from how you are feeling about all of these relationships in your life.  As you change, your relationships change.  The key is how to bring about the best change. 

I'm truly work in progress on how the shift of my personal choice to change will help or hurt my relationships.  I find that it's not me but some of the people in my life that fear change within me. I don't fear struggle or being hurt.  I never think the worst in any situation but at times I can be raw, rugged, blunt and cut straight to the chase when I desire change to shift quickly. 

My attitude is that's what I want to change so I'm changing it now.  Now "IN MY HEAD", it sounds simple but life sure does not work that way! Life lessons have taught me that change does take time because it is more about healing rather than hurting.  This is why I am grateful for growth. 

Personal growth taught me lessons about how to change.  I learned that I must be patient if I desire to bring about a healthy change within my life. I learned that I have to be conscious, careful, cautious and considerate when I do make changes to improve my life.  In other words doing it the best intentions as well as tactfully does, me a world of good! 

For me the New Year of 2014 will be about a peaceful and positive approach to personal changes that I truly need to make within my life.  I do understand that not everybody will receive the changes I choose to make, especially if it does not benefit their needs but that's not for me to stress. 

For me my personal relationships are about creating authentic love in my life.  It's about growing in a way that is strengthening my soul.  Change is how I allow my spirit to evolve.  Going to the root cause of how I feel and what I feel is a sign that I need to honor my truth by making healthy changes within my life. 

In order to maintain an emotionally balanced life, I have to keep in mind that change is for me and not others.  What I welcome with ease may be a struggle for some so awareness with the right approach is important.  At this stage of my journey, my life is about pulling up my inner power.  The more I go within to reflect then the clearer I am on what steps I can take in life.  Clarity for me is about going deep and relying on my intuition in order to overcome obstacles, frustrations and limitations. 

The questions I ask myself are endless.  Anytime is a good time to examine my life so I can reflect upon where I was, where I am at right now, who was I before, who am I right now, where do I go from this point forward and how strong is my desire to grow as a human being? 

For me this is a spiritual journey because that is how I get the most joy and fulfillment out of life.  Life has taught me that change takes time and energy so I must be patient with change.  The life lesson is that everything happens when it is supposed to happen, exactly the way it is supposed to happen.  I have no doubt that that I am a positive powerful motivating force so I must create change in that order. We all can!  

For the New Year I wish you all blessings of great HEALTH, WEALTH AND WISDOM.  *PEACE*

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