Saturday, January 4, 2014


There is no way to live this life without love and there is no way to love anyone or anything in this life without being vulnerable.  It goes hand in hand.
I think what I love most about being fearless is that I don't fear being vulnerable. No matter how fear tries to overcome me and invite doubt into my mind, I allow courage to make me FEAR-LESS.

My definition of being fearless is all about letting go and being vulnerable.  It's all about waking up every single day willing to face your fears.  It is choosing to FEAR-LESS.  I can make that choice daily because there is a seed of unconditional love of self that has been planted within my soul.  What I do is nourish it so it can grow.  When that love grows I use it to combat everything that can keep me from greatness. 

I don't worry about what others owe me or what I didn't get as a child or from friendships and relationships.  I know how to replenish my needs.

On that note, let's talk about love.  To me love just is! Trying to define love is just too much at times.  I truly believe that love is a fragile yet strong gift to treasure always.  Love is not to be taken lightly because you will lose when you choose to play games with love. 

You must come correct with love.  If you do not respect, cherish and embrace love fully in an authentic way, you will lose out on love. To be blessed with unconditional love in any situation is the greatest thing that can happen to us. Don't screw it up! Don't abuse it!  Appreciate it always!!! 

I can share my thoughts because I don't allow fear to keep me stuck in being vulnerable to the world.  The world can accept me or the world can reject me but I leave all of that on the world.  We all need to be clear on knowing our worth and understanding that the world will always place their value on our worth. 

That is not my concern.  I'm too focused on being a better version of myself. I am unconditionally loved from the highest power so I fear not.  I need to be me and celebrate the courage it takes to not only live but truly love life MY WAY.  That is how I choose to live.

My way is to FEAR-LESS and allow my vulnerability to flow freely with a strong faith that I am on the right path no matter what.  I actually question my fears and ask myself why am I feeling afraid or why am I feeling vulnerable?  In the end, I just choose to trust my journey completely and appreciate all of my life lessons because it is all about the wisdom I have gained, which is priceless. 

One of my best life lessons has been the lessons I've learned after putting in the effort and work it takes to "KNOW THY SELF".  I will always be on a journey of self discovery because there really is so much to learn about ourselves on many different levels. 
Being vulnerable is not being a victim. It means to be courageous.  I've learned that it is so much easier for me to be vulnerable and fearless when I trust myself enough to use my intuition to guide me courageously through my life experiences.  You see if you can find the best remedy and solutions then you don't feel so vulnerable.  You know you will overcome fear. When you don't feel vulnerable you FEAR-LESS over time. 

I'm great at healing my hurt.  I'm great at patching my wounds.  I'm even better at recognizing that I am hurting and it is time for change.  I'm great at loving freely so I have no problem embracing people who pour their pain onto others.  I just trust that my unconditional love will most definitely have a positive effect on their lives. 

I don't have to accept people's pain and hurt but I don't fear experiencing it.  You can embrace people while rejecting any pain or hurt they may cause either intentionally or unintentionally.  I've learned that all some people know and want to know is hurt or pain.  That is their dysfunctional life script and they just play that role like somebody is giving them an Oscar award for it.  They fear a healthy change!

We have to value our love because it is a healing energy.  When we value are love, we display our worth.  When we display our worth, we feel no guilt in letting go of people, places and things that constantly bring us the kind of pain that will make us fear being vulnerable. 

We don't have to be hurtful to reject hurt, we just have to choose self love.  We can stop fear and hurt anytime, it's a choice.  We are in control! We are powerful! It is the experience of being vulnerable enough to offer unconditional love that will teach you how to love and who to love unconditionally. 

If you give your love to others and they abuse it then the lesson is to learn when to let go peacefully, wish them well and find it in your heart to keep on loving.  Love shouldn't hurt! That's something else, not love!

I think when we do anything foolishly it teaches us to fear more and love less because we will become very vulnerable to getting hurt.  You will get over it if you choose to get over it.  You will only gain the wisdom you need to become fearless if you are vulnerable enough to love wide open and wise about love.
People fear way too much what others will think because people want to be embraced and not judged for their mistakes, shortcomings, personal issues, poor choices, ignorance and negative experiences in life.  I feel like as soon as you realize that everybody has something they are ignorant about, ashamed of, embarrassed by and fear sharing with the world, you won't fear being vulnerable.  It's a human thing. 

When you understand and still don't give a damn because you know that we are all human then the vulnerability does not leave you stuck in that fear of what others think, say and do.  Life is about lessons.

You make wiser choices in life when you forgive yourself with an unconditional love that the hurt, pain, opinions and judgments of others cannot penetrate.  Never let anyone or anything break you!
Life is about going beyond your barriers and doing it with love.  Give love, be open to receive love and be sincere about it with everyone, even those who make you feel vulnerable.  Embrace it as lessons that will become blessings so you can gain wisdom. *PEACE*

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