Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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Sunday, January 5, 2014


What an honor and true privilege it is to be a mother.  What a blessing it is to carry life within you for nine months knowing that someone is dependent on you as a life force.  As I reflect on being pregnant with my baby bear, I had to pull out my pregnancy picture from when he was growing inside my womb.  I did it so I can get a sense of where my mind, heart, body, spirit and soul was seven years ago.  
I looked at my pregnancy photo and thought to myself.......YES!!! I AM IN FLOW! *THANKFUL*
I hoped and I prayed for a little girl but was blessed with a magnificent boy who turned out to be an Autistic Angel.  I was in a flow of gratitude and grace that fully prepared me to give birth to my blessing.  Although I suffered from depression during my pregnancy and post-partum depression after my pregnancy, I was curious to meet the life that I carried knowing that I would rise to the occasion as a mother.  I knew that I would be better each day for my child and always put his needs before mine. I look back at how I silently smiled through depression by talking, reading and singing to my son.

I put music on and danced.  I traveled and worked until I was put on bed rest.  I did everything possible to raise a good vibration no matter how I physically or emotionally felt.  I wanted a happy baby that smiled and laughed all of the time. Little did I know that I was carrying the biggest blessing that would turn into the best life lessons.  
When you are blessed with the privilege of carrying life inside of you, it really does bring about a whole other perspective to how you live your life.  Nothing can ever prepare you for parenthood but the one thing that can sustain you is love.  The tremendous flow of love that you can pour into the universe for your children is amazing.  It's been a long road but I traveled my path to parenthood very well.  I went from not being sure I wanted to be a parent to questioning if I was a good parent because I wanted everything to be perfect, to I got this!!!  I decided that I am just going to use my warrior spirit to lift my baby bear up in an abundance of unconditional love. 

Life it truly ironic because with all that I planned to offer him, it turned out that my son is the one who has lifted me up in an incredible amount of joy and love.  He does this daily for me.  There is not a morning that he does not wake up joyful, happy and smiling.  It brings a smile to my face each day.  He has lifted me up with love and joy from the day he was born.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  Someone once told me that children with disabilities choose their parents.  I certainly do feel chosen!!!!
I'm happy that I did not receive exactly what I wished for, instead I was blessed with exactly what I need and it was so much better than I could ever imagine.  My son is truly an amazing bundle of joy!!!

I am assigned to my bear and I meet every challenge or change like a champion.  I don't teach my son more than he teaches me and everyone around him.
We live.  We laugh.  We love.  We learn. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014


There is no way to live this life without love and there is no way to love anyone or anything in this life without being vulnerable.  It goes hand in hand.
I think what I love most about being fearless is that I don't fear being vulnerable. No matter how fear tries to overcome me and invite doubt into my mind, I allow courage to make me FEAR-LESS.

My definition of being fearless is all about letting go and being vulnerable.  It's all about waking up every single day willing to face your fears.  It is choosing to FEAR-LESS.  I can make that choice daily because there is a seed of unconditional love of self that has been planted within my soul.  What I do is nourish it so it can grow.  When that love grows I use it to combat everything that can keep me from greatness. 

I don't worry about what others owe me or what I didn't get as a child or from friendships and relationships.  I know how to replenish my needs.

On that note, let's talk about love.  To me love just is! Trying to define love is just too much at times.  I truly believe that love is a fragile yet strong gift to treasure always.  Love is not to be taken lightly because you will lose when you choose to play games with love. 

You must come correct with love.  If you do not respect, cherish and embrace love fully in an authentic way, you will lose out on love. To be blessed with unconditional love in any situation is the greatest thing that can happen to us. Don't screw it up! Don't abuse it!  Appreciate it always!!! 

I can share my thoughts because I don't allow fear to keep me stuck in being vulnerable to the world.  The world can accept me or the world can reject me but I leave all of that on the world.  We all need to be clear on knowing our worth and understanding that the world will always place their value on our worth. 

That is not my concern.  I'm too focused on being a better version of myself. I am unconditionally loved from the highest power so I fear not.  I need to be me and celebrate the courage it takes to not only live but truly love life MY WAY.  That is how I choose to live.

My way is to FEAR-LESS and allow my vulnerability to flow freely with a strong faith that I am on the right path no matter what.  I actually question my fears and ask myself why am I feeling afraid or why am I feeling vulnerable?  In the end, I just choose to trust my journey completely and appreciate all of my life lessons because it is all about the wisdom I have gained, which is priceless. 

One of my best life lessons has been the lessons I've learned after putting in the effort and work it takes to "KNOW THY SELF".  I will always be on a journey of self discovery because there really is so much to learn about ourselves on many different levels. 
Being vulnerable is not being a victim. It means to be courageous.  I've learned that it is so much easier for me to be vulnerable and fearless when I trust myself enough to use my intuition to guide me courageously through my life experiences.  You see if you can find the best remedy and solutions then you don't feel so vulnerable.  You know you will overcome fear. When you don't feel vulnerable you FEAR-LESS over time. 

I'm great at healing my hurt.  I'm great at patching my wounds.  I'm even better at recognizing that I am hurting and it is time for change.  I'm great at loving freely so I have no problem embracing people who pour their pain onto others.  I just trust that my unconditional love will most definitely have a positive effect on their lives. 

I don't have to accept people's pain and hurt but I don't fear experiencing it.  You can embrace people while rejecting any pain or hurt they may cause either intentionally or unintentionally.  I've learned that all some people know and want to know is hurt or pain.  That is their dysfunctional life script and they just play that role like somebody is giving them an Oscar award for it.  They fear a healthy change!

We have to value our love because it is a healing energy.  When we value are love, we display our worth.  When we display our worth, we feel no guilt in letting go of people, places and things that constantly bring us the kind of pain that will make us fear being vulnerable. 

We don't have to be hurtful to reject hurt, we just have to choose self love.  We can stop fear and hurt anytime, it's a choice.  We are in control! We are powerful! It is the experience of being vulnerable enough to offer unconditional love that will teach you how to love and who to love unconditionally. 

If you give your love to others and they abuse it then the lesson is to learn when to let go peacefully, wish them well and find it in your heart to keep on loving.  Love shouldn't hurt! That's something else, not love!

I think when we do anything foolishly it teaches us to fear more and love less because we will become very vulnerable to getting hurt.  You will get over it if you choose to get over it.  You will only gain the wisdom you need to become fearless if you are vulnerable enough to love wide open and wise about love.
People fear way too much what others will think because people want to be embraced and not judged for their mistakes, shortcomings, personal issues, poor choices, ignorance and negative experiences in life.  I feel like as soon as you realize that everybody has something they are ignorant about, ashamed of, embarrassed by and fear sharing with the world, you won't fear being vulnerable.  It's a human thing. 

When you understand and still don't give a damn because you know that we are all human then the vulnerability does not leave you stuck in that fear of what others think, say and do.  Life is about lessons.

You make wiser choices in life when you forgive yourself with an unconditional love that the hurt, pain, opinions and judgments of others cannot penetrate.  Never let anyone or anything break you!
Life is about going beyond your barriers and doing it with love.  Give love, be open to receive love and be sincere about it with everyone, even those who make you feel vulnerable.  Embrace it as lessons that will become blessings so you can gain wisdom. *PEACE*

Friday, January 3, 2014


"Dedicate yourself to building relationships on the solid foundation of truth and authenticity.” 
If authentic friendships are one of the keys to happiness then I would think that as you grow and change that it would be wise to distinguish between different types of friendships you have in life.  Your needs, desires and requirements should change over time so your friendships can develop and grow. 

I always wonder about how well people manage and conduct their friendships.  I see it as a juggling act. I see people claiming great friendships among circle of friends with a bunch of talk about ride or die and who has whose back BUT when push comes to shove.... Well lets just say that somebody always seems to get shoved right out into the cold.

There are many friendships that still function on a level where everyone are adults yet still behave like children and adolescents.  In all circles there is  always the strong friend, the wise friend, the too nice friend, the very controlling friend, the weak minded friend, the insecure friend, the fake friend, the attention whore, the I'm always a victim friend, the reckless friend, the too judgmental friend and so on and so on...  That's a lot of personalities to deal with as well as conflicting loyalties within your circle of friends. 

I also notice in friendships that people come to be so close and so open yet when push comes to shove they limit their truth to a select few within their circle.  We all have that close friend we take comfort in sharing with but truth is many times friends don't tell their friends the real truth about the emotional pain, struggles and hard times soon enough so they can gain the loving support they need.  

People usually share after life has spiraled out of control and their group of friends have gossiped but ignored what they see is going on.  Why not utilize weatherproof friendships during your storms? Surround yourself with a great friends who are a support system that will be honest with you because "THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR."

I think it is wise to know why you are choosing friendships and what you have to offer your friends. I think it is wise to share and learn without all of your masks, hang ups, fears and insecurities. 
I think if you choose to surround yourself in groups with many circles of friends that everyone within those circles understand their purpose and place within your life.  Friends should know boundaries.  Friends should know unconditional love. 

Friends should know when to judge, talk, yell, hug, support and when to be silent and just listen without repeating what they heard.  I would think it must be difficult to manage and conduct authentic friendships when everyone maintain their masks.  Some masks are deep, dark and heavy but that is okay.  That is the purpose of true friendships.  We all have a side that friends don't really know but if friends do not know and understand your core self then how real are your friendships. 

Friends cannot see you, until you clearly see yourself.  When you see yourself your life lessons of self discovery begins.  Only then can you free yourself enough to embrace friendships authentically. 


Be fearless within your friendships so that the people who are meant to be a part of your life can become your family for the rest of your life.  If you don't know yourself it is tough to expect your friends to know you and love all of who you are. 
You cannot grow and develop your friendships in self-judgment, fear, envy, insecurity, ignorance, personal pain from your past, no accountability for your behavior or constant judgment of others.  If you don't know what you need then you won't know exactly what you have to offer. 

Just like everything in life, balance is the key to healthy friendships.  Start by just being you and stick to that script even as you grow, change and become more amazing than you already are.  It's not about the quantity of friends you have, it is about the quality of the friends you choose to offer your friendship to and surround yourself with. *PEACE*

Thursday, January 2, 2014


GREAT DAY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There is something about pleasant and positive mornings that just does it for me.  Pleasantness is a fantastic start to my day.  I use that positive energy to create the best vibes so that I stay uplifted.  It is like creating a force field around me so that people who wake up in foul moods or who people who are very negative don't have a direct effect on my vibe. 

IN MY HEAD I already start with great thoughts, great goals that I desire to achieve and just anything that will ground me in greatness.  In 2014 I will blog a lot about relationships and the changes that will naturally take place as well as the changes that must take place.  Relationship affect your energy.

Say for instance if you have a partner that gravitates to negative energy, watch how they make you feel daily.  Pay attention to the effect they have on your mornings, evenings and nights because that energy is pretty much attached to you.

You may be in a wonderful mood and they can be a killjoy!  This is why it is crucial to choose wisely who you want as a partner.  You should also be wise about family and friends because they fill up your circle of life.  You have to pay attention to the energy and vibe that they fill you up with.

I've watched and listened to plenty of people discuss relationships to the point where I see patterns of self sacrifice that does not make sense.  Everything in life is about balance.  If your relationships are unbalanced then you will be too. 

The most important thing that any person in my life can offer me is great energy and pleasant vibrations. I start to "feel some kinda way" when people feel comfortable to intentionally or unintentionally ruin my day in anyway.  Some situations cannot be avoided and I do understand that BUT most can.

I'm very clear and specific to people around me about how I vibe.  I say this all of the time KEEP IT POSITIVE OR KEEP IT MOVING!  *TRUTH*  Why should I spend a second receiving anything that does not bring me or others joy.  That's a choice that most act as if does not exist.  You choose to be grateful or you choose to complain.  
Explaining and complaining are two different things.  When I explain a situation to people that I deal with, trust and believe that I have not only found a solution that works for me but I've made a decision to move forward from the situation.  That is me explaining what is going on in my life with the intent to inform others that I will move forward. 

Complaining is when people have no intention of changing their situation.  They want to bend your ear as they ruin your vibe with their "woe is me" stories.  We are not victims when we are blessed with the intellect and ability to take action in any situation.

I choose to take action by waking up and smiling.  I choose to be happy and pleasant.  I choose to reject anything or anyone that cannot consistently bring joy into my life.  I love living a balanced life and when people do not know how to make healthy changes that will bring out their positive energy then I do make the choice to not receive their vibes.

I great at loving people from a distance because I love myself too much to sacrifice my happiness.  People are who they are and it is what it is unless you choose to change the people around you.  Don't try to change people, just make the change within yourself and watch the difference it will make in your life.

I feel no guilt in choosing joy over pain.  Negativity is pain.  Hostility is pain.  People yelling, cursing and disrespecting me is pain.  People being jealous, slick with the mouth and fake is pain.  People bitching and complaining about things that they choose not to change then sharing it with others is pain.

Why relive the same negative patterns for years on end with only moments of joy in between it.  That's not living a full life.  That's why people seek vices like sex, drugs, alcohol to numb their pain.  It is actually harder to choose change than accept pain so people accept pain and function in their dysfunction.  

Life is about choices.  Every day you can choose to be unpleasant, negative and stay in your pain OR you can live.  I choose to live, love and laugh.  That's the energy I choose to create within my mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.  People who have high vibrations cannot be around people who are on a lower vibration and stay happy.  Energy doesn't work that way.

Be mindful and conscious of the energy you choose to surround yourself with.  CHOOSE JOY! *PEACE* 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I love positive fresh starts and new beginnings so that is what 2014 is all about.  Truth be told for the most part I am always on a daily positive fresh start.  I'm feeling great because the work that I have done on myself is paying off.  I'm closer to the balanced vibration that I need to feel so I can be whole in life. 

I loved how I wrapped up the end of 2013.  Of course I could have done things better because I believe there is always room for improvement in my life but I'm doing great.  This morning I thought of someone who I have a working relationship with.  We are pretty much strangers for the most part but what caught my attention was the fact that she gave me a big hug then said "Happy New Years Bindu, I love you." 

It actually made me pause and reflect in that moment.  Honestly for some that may be strange or odd but for me it has become my new normal.  I actually got so much love from strangers that it made me focus on my humanity.  I'm conscious of kindness and how I treat others.  "Kindness knows no shame."  If I'm in your presence on the internet or in real life I'm going to show you love, I'm going to be kind, I'm going to be respectful and I refuse to be guarded.  That's who I really am.

No New Year's Resolutions because I know exactly who I am so I'm good!  After years of adjusting to my own personality, I get me and I really like me! (lol)  I feel awesome because I know exactly what I need to work on within my life and I will put in the work to achieve all of my goals.

I'm going to keep my life simple because I have no doubt that everything will work out in my favor.  I cannot go back and make things right with anyone that felt I did something wrong to them but I can be a better me.  I can show people from my past and present who I truly am so they can understand that my intention is never to do wrong or hurt others. 

On that note, I will simply appreciate the privilege of waking up daily and spread love because it feels good.  I will listen more as well as be more open to constructive criticism because I can be oblivious to how I impact and affect others.  I will definitely work on being tactful with my sarcasm but I might need divine intervention because I'm truly work in progress with that one.....seriously! (lol)

I'm using my power and learning how to own it.  We all should!  I do this by being conscious and aware while learning myself even as I change.  There is so much to discover within ourselves that equates to greatness.  As I change, I cling tightly to my higher and best self by offering the best of who I am in every situation.  I'm going to keep my good vibrations going and enjoy my journey.  
I must admit that it feels pretty amazing to have a clear mind, humble heart and positive intentions so I'll just keep that going for 2014.  If you have authentic love in your life then it's a great day people. Be happy, be healthy and take full advantage of all the greatness that life has to offer.  *PEACE*


Shift your thoughts and energy to uplift yourself.  It takes discipline and hard work.  You can do it!!! 
Let me begin my thoughts for 2014 by expressing my joy.  I am HELLA HAPPY within!  That means my spirit and soul feels complete joy.  That vibration is the positive fuel that keeps me going to create a life that is whole and balanced.  This is how I stay strong and determined while focusing on my  greatness so I can shine.

I actually wrapped up the end of my 2013 by coming to terms with my karma, life lessons and personal choices.  It feels good. I did so by learning my life lessons and addressing some personal matters the only way that I do it which is MY WAY!  I never allow anyone or any situation to force me to feel or deal in a lower vibration such as fear, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy or negativity. 

I feel, deal and reflect MY WAY!  I evaluate my situation and experiences MY WAY!  I know who I am.  I know what I am made of. I know my truth. I live life on my terms and handle personal truth in my life MY WAY!  After all this is my journey, my life, my path, therefore I will live it according to what will help and heal my soul.

I feel that every single day of each new year that we journey this path called life should be all about our power and being able to discover just how powerful we truly are.  Know your worth and truly value yourself by making sure the people who directly affect your life respect your worth. 

You can't force people to do anything but you don't have to accept their value system of your worth. Don't let anyone rate you on their level and terms. 
Flip all of the scripts by knowing and showing inner strength.  We are not powerless.  We are powerful!

Own your power by finding the courage it takes to have accountability for your choices, decisions, actions and reactions!!  You don't have to shout all of your rights or wrongs from the mountain tops and plead your case to the world but you do have to make peace with your past and present in order to be better prepared for your future. 

Your past includes your conscious and unconscious thoughts or actions.  List your goals, focus on them by working hard to achieve them so you don't get caught up in anything or any situation that will not bless your life.  Use your blessings to bless others.

Use your power? Do what strengthens you!!  Think of all of the amazing things you hold within your heart, mind, spirit and soul.  Things like your gifts, abilities and talents that will allow you to express your humanity will show you how powerful you can be.  You do have an impact on this world.  It is up to you to look within so you can see yourself in a brighter light.  You truly matter in this world and it is wise to act like it!

Focus on self worth, self appreciation and self respect!  Stop giving your power away! You are only powerless when you convince yourself that you have no power in every situation you experience.  Not true at all!  You are powerful so pay attention to your journey. It's not about what you experience or go through, it's about what you accept or allow within your life. 

You are strong enough to release what does not benefit your life as well as your time, energy, heart and your emotions.  Don't own what other people should own and don't try to force others to own their stuff.  Focus on yourself.  You achieve this goal when you don't accept what does not serve you well and when you choose not to blame others.  Your journey is about who, where and what you are choosing to place your time, energy and resources.  OWN IT!

Evaluate your life and reflect on it with a positive outlook so you can figure out the best strategy for change.  Major life changes can take weeks, months or years so prepare for it.  Life has taught me that the courage to change means everything!  Courage kicks fear right in the gut and gratitude will cut fear off at the knees. It is the best way to stay true to you!  I consider all things but in the end I stay true to myself without the intent to cause harm or hurt. 

Permanent change is always a challenge when you try to make everybody happy.  It won't happen especially when you desire to learn and grow.  Growth matters most to me!! My goal is to be a stronger, wiser and a much better me but MY WAY.  What I do and with whom I do what I do with must be worth my time all of the time. 

Can't nobody guarantee my tomorrow but I can guarantee my happiness right now.  It's not because others are not worth my time, it is more about going deep inside to rely on myself so I am not limited by the people I associate or surround myself with and vice versa.  Sometimes people assume that I have more to offer them so they keep me in their life when that may not be the case.  At times I get frustrated because I can't offer more or people can't offer me more within relationships.

You have to be fulfilled, balanced and feel some sense of wholeness within all of your relationships.
Healthy relationships are key.  It is not difficult to figure out if your relationships are healthy or unhealthy.  The difficulty comes when you fear change.  I stay open to change.  I don't fear change, I naturally accept and embrace change.  I take the time to look at every single relationship so I can examine how I feel because feelings do change.  

At the end of each year is when I sit back and deeply reflect on my life.  That is when I discover that I not only have many relationships to tend to but I also choose to change how I tend to my relationships.  I may tend or I may end relationships.  It all depends on fulfillment and personal growth.  In relationships your joy should expand and it should enrich your life.

First and foremost there is your relationship with yourself.  Be honest with yourself. It is valuable because how you treat yourself will groom you well in your relationships with others.  People learn how to treat you based on how you treat yourself. It's about learning how to be authentic and embracing your personal truth without allow what others think about you to directly affect your life.

There are relationships with your family and that's work but again, fulfillment is key.  There are your relationships with your children, which is more work but truly worth it so value how priceless it is. There are also many relationships with friends and colleagues which can be a lot to juggle.  Are you fulfilled in all of your relationships? 
You choose your relationships so you must examine each relationship to see who which ones are really working well for you or which ones are lessons and obstacles in your way.  Pay attention to all of the signs life is showing you. It all stems from how you are feeling about all of these relationships in your life.  As you change, your relationships change.  The key is how to bring about the best change. 

I'm truly work in progress on how the shift of my personal choice to change will help or hurt my relationships.  I find that it's not me but some of the people in my life that fear change within me. I don't fear struggle or being hurt.  I never think the worst in any situation but at times I can be raw, rugged, blunt and cut straight to the chase when I desire change to shift quickly. 

My attitude is that's what I want to change so I'm changing it now.  Now "IN MY HEAD", it sounds simple but life sure does not work that way! Life lessons have taught me that change does take time because it is more about healing rather than hurting.  This is why I am grateful for growth. 

Personal growth taught me lessons about how to change.  I learned that I must be patient if I desire to bring about a healthy change within my life. I learned that I have to be conscious, careful, cautious and considerate when I do make changes to improve my life.  In other words doing it the best intentions as well as tactfully does, me a world of good! 

For me the New Year of 2014 will be about a peaceful and positive approach to personal changes that I truly need to make within my life.  I do understand that not everybody will receive the changes I choose to make, especially if it does not benefit their needs but that's not for me to stress. 

For me my personal relationships are about creating authentic love in my life.  It's about growing in a way that is strengthening my soul.  Change is how I allow my spirit to evolve.  Going to the root cause of how I feel and what I feel is a sign that I need to honor my truth by making healthy changes within my life. 

In order to maintain an emotionally balanced life, I have to keep in mind that change is for me and not others.  What I welcome with ease may be a struggle for some so awareness with the right approach is important.  At this stage of my journey, my life is about pulling up my inner power.  The more I go within to reflect then the clearer I am on what steps I can take in life.  Clarity for me is about going deep and relying on my intuition in order to overcome obstacles, frustrations and limitations. 

The questions I ask myself are endless.  Anytime is a good time to examine my life so I can reflect upon where I was, where I am at right now, who was I before, who am I right now, where do I go from this point forward and how strong is my desire to grow as a human being? 

For me this is a spiritual journey because that is how I get the most joy and fulfillment out of life.  Life has taught me that change takes time and energy so I must be patient with change.  The life lesson is that everything happens when it is supposed to happen, exactly the way it is supposed to happen.  I have no doubt that that I am a positive powerful motivating force so I must create change in that order. We all can!  

For the New Year I wish you all blessings of great HEALTH, WEALTH AND WISDOM.  *PEACE*