Saturday, December 21, 2013


My whole journey is about growth.  There are so many ways and levels to growth that discipline and patience with yourself is required.  Every path I am placed on or willingly choose is all about life lessons and personal growth.  To know me is to understand that GROWTH is what matters most to me.

Sometimes I find it odd how I expect nothing from others, not even people who I should expect things from yet others expect the world from me and will actually wait around for me to give them the world.  That's oddness or well...........something else.

If you expect me to "hang" out often and follow the crowd just to prove I like/love you, prove friendships and people please, well my friends *you don't know me*.  I either like/love you or I don't.  If my feelings change you will be the first to know. I never straddle the fence but I'm careful who I break bread with (figuratively and literally). If you're going to be in or a part of my life then you must truly learn me. On the surface I appear easy to digest until you have to swallow.

To those that are still learning me years after being on my life page (virtual and actual), I'm not avoiding you. I'm not ignoring you. I'm not THAT busy. I'm not distant. I'm not cold. I'm not going through anything heavy. Truth is that by the time people even notice that I've been through something my storm has passed and I am preparing for a new beginning. I'm just doing what I always do. I am staying true to who I am by clearing a path and allowing growth to take place in my life. 

I never stay stuck complaining about where I am, why things happen the way they do......I just flow on.  I'm great and blessed beyond measure. I'm just growing so I have to surround myself with people of strength, knowledge and wisdom to assist me with my personal growth.

Every time I experience growth it comes with strong intuition, awareness of self, emotional intelligence, inner strength, inner joy, inner peace, discipline and focus.  When I share people say "I'm too deep or I read too much".  All I can say is that we all have our comfort zones.  What others consider to be deep and heavy is actually my *LIGHT*.  I promise you that I don't even get close to being deep or heavy because I actually keep all of those thoughts *IN MY HEAD*. 

There is a time and place for all things to happen in your life. There is a season and reason for all of the things that will happen in your life. Just learn YOUR life patterns and change what does not serve you well. Learning how to change for the better is a journey. I choose to learn life patiently and grow from each lesson. Someone once told me that they can always tell when I am truly happy. I asked how can they tell and was told:

"When you're growing you glow and your energy is happy. When you feel your growth has been stunted, you're truly sad."

All I can say is.............TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you do with your time is valuable.  What you do with your time is valuable.  Who you spend your time with is priceless, so you have to be cautious as well as wise with your time.  What people prefer me to share or experience within their life is their experience for their benefit, which is fine. BUT I am always exactly where I need to be, when I'm supposed to be and sharing time with who I'm supposed to share time with.  If I haven't been where you are, with you or sharing the same space, then it's just not time.  All things happen in due time. 
Positive plans for 2014 are already in full effect. Besides major life changes for me, there are 2 things that will happen.
The first is MORE quality time with my siblings because I love them beyond measure. We are already closer than close but pulling that loving energy together is pure bliss and we grow from unconditional love. #sisterstrip

The second is to respect the request of a dear friend and gather the right women for what I call a Dharma Retreat. I know she's been patiently waiting for me to select these women and extend them an invitation. To me timing is everything. At first I wanted to invite women of strength with a certain strong/disciplined mindset. Fortunately my friend was wise enough to say "NO, some women need to feed off of the strength that other women can offer them. That's what sisterhood is so let us be a blessing to one another." #sisterhoodretreat