Friday, October 18, 2013


My blessings flow from never trying to fit in. I never try to explain who I am, what I do, how I do the things that I do or why I do it the way that I do just so others can accept or understand me. We all learn how to manage this life by learning who we truly are and how to play our positions as we grow and change in life.
By age 5, I figured out that my life is not about other people's thoughts or perceptions of who they think I am, wish I was or need me to be so they can feel secure or comfortable around me. My life is about me and just being truly happy inside out. 
*THANK YOU to everyone to feel I inspire them.* 
My advice is learn the best ways to inspire yourself daily in order to become stronger and wiser. Do not follow me because I'm not leading you anywhere, at least not intentionally. I'm simply chasing my joy because it makes me happy. But do use my formula if it helps you find some joy and peace within your own lives. Your life is about your journey. 
Believe in yourself. Love yourself enough to step into your own greatness. Live, learn and be the love that you wish to receive in your life. That's what I do daily. If "IT" is positive, I accept "IT". If "IT" is negative I try to understand "IT' before I reject "IT". 
I have faith in who I am and my place/purpose in this world so the more I learn/grow the more fearless I become at stepping into my greatness. I'm not better than others, I just feel and see greatness a little bit clearer than most and I fully embrace it!

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