Friday, October 25, 2013


Still praying for Avonte Oquendo as well all missing kids because adults really underestimate that anything can happen to children at anytime.  The sad truth is that TOO MANY kids & teens are missing. 
Bad enough kids are stubborn and strong willed but truth is most kids do not pay attention to their surroundings and they do wander off intentionally (run away) or unintentionally even when they are with an adult.... It's more stressful when your child has a disability or disorder. When they appear physically fine but neurologically they are not fine you have to be even more over protective.   
Autistic kids don't walk away they always take off running. They cannot help it. I've jumped into oncoming traffic and rolled all over shopping center parking lots to drag and I do mean drag my kid back to safety. You have to be a tough and strong advocate for children especially if they have special needs.
I have at least 50 parents on my Facebook page with special needs kids and maybe 4 or 5 spread awareness. I will talk about Autism until I'm blue in the face because I live it and people really can't imagine how your life changes unless they have to live with it daily. This experience has change me and my family's life completely.
My son loves school but must have a 1-1, that's his own personal para who must communicate with me every single day, so does his teacher, therapists and his school security guard who always says "here comes Shane's mom" every time I enter the building (AND I DO POP-UPS *SURPRISE, HOW'S MY KID DOING TODAY???* 
I can ask the security guard where my kid is and he can tell me without picking up the phone to check with his teacher. The bus driver and but matron understand that they must pull up on the curb and get him as close to our front door as possible. 
We are all on the same page and we all text, call and write notes daily. It's not easy but our children our worth it. Many people still don't know or understand how serious Autism really is....Just talking about it is a great way to SPREAD AWARENESS!

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