Friday, October 25, 2013


Still praying for Avonte Oquendo as well all missing kids because adults really underestimate that anything can happen to children at anytime.  The sad truth is that TOO MANY kids & teens are missing. 
Bad enough kids are stubborn and strong willed but truth is most kids do not pay attention to their surroundings and they do wander off intentionally (run away) or unintentionally even when they are with an adult.... It's more stressful when your child has a disability or disorder. When they appear physically fine but neurologically they are not fine you have to be even more over protective.   
Autistic kids don't walk away they always take off running. They cannot help it. I've jumped into oncoming traffic and rolled all over shopping center parking lots to drag and I do mean drag my kid back to safety. You have to be a tough and strong advocate for children especially if they have special needs.
I have at least 50 parents on my Facebook page with special needs kids and maybe 4 or 5 spread awareness. I will talk about Autism until I'm blue in the face because I live it and people really can't imagine how your life changes unless they have to live with it daily. This experience has change me and my family's life completely.
My son loves school but must have a 1-1, that's his own personal para who must communicate with me every single day, so does his teacher, therapists and his school security guard who always says "here comes Shane's mom" every time I enter the building (AND I DO POP-UPS *SURPRISE, HOW'S MY KID DOING TODAY???* 
I can ask the security guard where my kid is and he can tell me without picking up the phone to check with his teacher. The bus driver and but matron understand that they must pull up on the curb and get him as close to our front door as possible. 
We are all on the same page and we all text, call and write notes daily. It's not easy but our children our worth it. Many people still don't know or understand how serious Autism really is....Just talking about it is a great way to SPREAD AWARENESS!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


We must support and not put each other down. Easier said than done.... 
While it is easy to be negative, it is just as easy be supportive towards others; especially when you see the best within yourself.  There are things that people ask me to do, participate in and to support, that I would not do or be a part of, but I never knock their hustle or put down their truth.  There are things that people share with me expecting me to cosign and show support that I have to wish them luck with while I fall way back from their choices. It does not have to be "my cup of tea" for me to wish others well. 

Truthfully, a lot of things in this world are just not my thing, not my flow, not my style or just not my cup of tea. It doesn't make it bad or good, it's not for me but I still see the value and worth in others no matter what path they travel in life.  In my 39 years on this earth I have been very selective and picky but I still stumble, struggle, fail and fall.  I do take risks and I make plenty of mistakes that I learn from.  I experiment with life, just enough to my liking but something has to move my spirit in a way that I am sure will benefit many people for a greater good.

Regardless of my personal thoughts and feelings I am positive and show support. People's lives are about their experiences. Some people look forward to life's challenges with an attitude of knowing they are using their personal life lessons to conquer fears in order to become strong and wise.  Some bounce back like a force to be reckoned with when they have setbacks.  Others allow setbacks  to dictate and define their lives.

How people choose to handle or cope with what has happened to them throughout life, from childhood into adulthood will either direct or determine what they choose to allow, accept and reject regarding what happens to them in the future.  I simply respect where people are in life and many times show support by being kind. Personal growth and learning life lessons is why I think, feel and see life the way I do.  In order to keep growing I have to CHECK myself then make CHANGES along the way  because growth matters most to me.

If you are not focused on how to grow from your life experiences and on being your best self, then you will allow negativity to grip a hold of you in some way.  Usually when negativity has a hold on you it will infect not only you but spread to those around you.  No matter how you slice life up, negativity does damage.  It does damage in a way that will not allow you to show kindness and support towards others.  After a while it becomes a vicious cycle of some men using their insecurities as fuel to dominate, use, abuse and control others in a way that will feed their ego but never nourish their souls. 

Too often negativity allow some women to promote the hype of it's cool to compete as if we are society's objects/puppets.  That is how women keep the ignorance of envy/jealousy going by not genuinely supporting other women because their perception, insecurity allow them to think other women "appear" to be more attractive, successful, well loved, etc..  That kind of thinking is negative and it does damage!

I believe in men. Men are powerful and truly amazing.  Many times the way men choose to display their power and strength can take away from their greatness.  I have no doubt that women are phenomenal beings but how we choose to display who we are should add and not take away from others.  What makes it worse is our children watch, learn and repeat what they see far more than what we tell them to do.  Truth is that nobody has it easy because we are all here to be tried and tested.  This is why we all need support in our lives.

Life is schooling us everyday.  You have to want to pass this life class and learn your lessons very well.  We are all in the same life boat with different paddles and life jackets.  Some with no paddle or life jacket so they fight, steal or borrow from others. We always have choices in life.  We can choose to DO SOMETHING, DO NOTHING, PADDLE, PUSH OTHERS OVERBOARD, SINK or SWIM! Whatever you choose will teach you valuable lessons. 

Life is not easy for anybody and if somebody is selling you that dream, it's a lie.  How do we deal then heal from negativity?  The answer is KINDNESS!  Keep it kind! I love to simplify my life and it does not get more simple than being kind.  Kindness is free, easy to be for most of us and truly rewarding.  Treat people the way you desire to be treated in this world because you get what you give.

Life has taught me that I don't have to love or even like people to be kind.  An act so simple can bless your life in tremendous ways.  Being foul is to curse your life so if just being a decent human being towards others is a struggle for you then you need to CHECK and CHANGE. Check your heart, mind, spirit and soul.  Then make that change within yourself.  When your goals and aspirations are all about GREATNESS then that is who, what and where you place your focus. 

Great souls don't allow this world change to change them.  Great souls make a difference within themselves because that is what will make their lives better.  In doing so they actually help to make this world a better place.  *TRUTH*


Friday, October 18, 2013


My blessings flow from never trying to fit in. I never try to explain who I am, what I do, how I do the things that I do or why I do it the way that I do just so others can accept or understand me. We all learn how to manage this life by learning who we truly are and how to play our positions as we grow and change in life.
By age 5, I figured out that my life is not about other people's thoughts or perceptions of who they think I am, wish I was or need me to be so they can feel secure or comfortable around me. My life is about me and just being truly happy inside out. 
*THANK YOU to everyone to feel I inspire them.* 
My advice is learn the best ways to inspire yourself daily in order to become stronger and wiser. Do not follow me because I'm not leading you anywhere, at least not intentionally. I'm simply chasing my joy because it makes me happy. But do use my formula if it helps you find some joy and peace within your own lives. Your life is about your journey. 
Believe in yourself. Love yourself enough to step into your own greatness. Live, learn and be the love that you wish to receive in your life. That's what I do daily. If "IT" is positive, I accept "IT". If "IT" is negative I try to understand "IT' before I reject "IT". 
I have faith in who I am and my place/purpose in this world so the more I learn/grow the more fearless I become at stepping into my greatness. I'm not better than others, I just feel and see greatness a little bit clearer than most and I fully embrace it!