Monday, September 23, 2013


I truly love reflecting on my journey in life.  I think everyone should as a great way to truly live and learn in life.  I am actually smiling as I type out my thoughts right now because there is a vivid picture in "IN MY HEAD" of me actually visualizing myself smiling and just happy.  It is not a picture of my face, my body with skin, flesh or features, but I can still picture myself clearly.  It is a clear reflection of my spirit, my heart and my soul.  I smile because it is showing me who I truly am. 

I have the same exact question with everything I experience in life.  It does not matter whether or not my experience is GOOD, BAD or UGLY because I ask myself the same exact question every single time.  That question is, WHAT DID I LEARN?  WHAT'S THE LESSON LIFE IS TEACHING ME? That is why I am so grateful to be growing gracefully into the woman of strength that I was born to be.  I am that cool spirit, calm heart & collected soul within my life's storms.  I am a representation of beauty that is scared, scraped, scarred, stoned, stomped, stepped on and stained yet perfectly beautiful within my imperfections. 

I see the woman I will become and I see the path I have created to become greatness.  I smile because I truly see me.  I smile because I understand that I am the interior designer of my life.  I can make my life big, bright, bold and beautiful or NOT.  How I choose to see, feel and believe in this life of mine is all up to me.

As I wrap up my thoughts for today I think of all of the things that I love as well as how I can accomplish each goal I set for myself.  How do I make each wish come true?  How do I achieve each goal?  How do I make changes and face tough challenges? How do I face being fragile?  How do I become stronger when I need to be? How do I accomplish all that my heart truly desires while living and loving this life of mine within a perfect space of gratitude?  EASY.......While some people create a life of chaos and choose to participate in chaos, I choose to stay focused on positive things that will push me towards greatness.  I choose to win in life! 

I do understand how easy it is to get caught up in all of the wrong things that can and will stunt your personal growth. No matter what, we all must learn how to focus on what truly matters most in our lives.  Growth matters most to me.  Growth is shedding the soul of all that negativity that has seeped into it and all that will cause it to decay from within.  Growth is shedding the old me as I discover a better version of myself. 

My outlook is this......who I was is perfect for where I used to be in life but I cannot live in the past!  Who I am right here and right now has to be perfect for who I am supposed to be in life.  Life is supposed to keep getting better, but I have to do the inner work for it to happen.  This is the phase of my life where I must learn to make a change and adjust to the changes I make without questioning myself.  I know who I am, therefore I am willing to bet on me.  I am a true winner from within.  There is nothing I can't achieve, accomplish, overcome and become in this world.  I'm ready and willing to live life my way and on my terms.  I've been feeding my faith daily, so I have no doubt that I will succeed in all that I aspire to become.  I'm excited to make life happen my way.  It can and it will be done.  It is wise to make a plan but it is wiser to make it happen.  WALK YOUR WALK!

As I look closely at that image "IN MY HEAD", I can clearly see that I have become the true definition of what it means to follow your bliss.  I'm finally ready to not only follow my bliss but bask in it filled with love, joy, hope, happiness, grace and gratitude.  I have a very long road ahead of me, but so what.  For every wrong that I have experienced in life, everything that is so right overshadows it.  First I had to figure out how to create MY path in life as I go with the flow of life.  I do this by not being afraid of the unknown.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I feel good about what life will offer me because I have put in the work.  Positive seeds have already been planted so it's time for new growth.

Whenever you do the work it takes to become whole it feels like you've never really been broken.  It feels like you can find or create a solution to all of your stress and worries.  Don't be afraid to work on yourself.  Do the work you need to heal with the goal of truly loving and becoming your absolute best self.  My daily goal is to discover ways to become better.  Life will challenge you in many ways so you can learn your lessons.  As I've grown gracefully into womanhood, I have learned that I love raising the bar when my faith has been tested.  I have learned that my faith will always be tested but so what!  I've learned how to pass each test!

I get life.  I love life.  I've strategically PEACED the pieces to my life puzzle which has given me the confidence that I need to find peace within.  I'm clear in my purpose.  I stand firmly upon my worth.  I need nothing and nobody outside of me to validate who I am.  I value myself.  I am truly okay making mistakes or what may seem like poor choices because I can manage the outcome as I see fit. I get that this is my life, MY LIFE to love it and live it as I please without the desire or need for approval.  Not caring what people think is not a bad thing when your intention is pure from within.  That's my formula for peaceful and stress free living.

When you choose to heal what hurts in life consciously with the goal of closing old wounds from your past, that is when you will fully understand that life is just a bundle of lessons & blessings.  Let life teach you. Learn your lessons so you can bask within your blessings.  Life will always offer us what we are opened to receive.  If we value ourselves and expect the best that life has to offer then that is what we will get out of life.  We must learn to ASK, BELIEVE then be open to RECEIVE great things. 

You will mess up, you will stumble, you will slip, you will fall and you will lose focus.  You will also clean up your mess, you will regain your balance, you will get a grip on your life, you will get back up each time you fall and you will pay attention next time around.  We are all able to succeed in life.  I have learned that I am more than capable so I will always ace life's tests with the goal of getting my life just right.  For me it is being focused on balance and wholeness from within my soul.  Being focused means that you do not allow anything to enter your mind that will distract you from your goal and your vision.


I am not fighting against anything.  I simply refuse to give my precious time and power to anything that does not bless others or bless my life.  I know when to go to battle and I know when to make peace.  It's very easy to hurt people but I am grateful that it is very easy for me to love people.  I choose to be a blessing because my soul longs for it and that is the best part of my greatness.  Every single thing begins with SELF-LOVE.  I continue to love myself through all of life's growing pains because I am a better woman for it. I was a strong woman but now I am a woman of strength.  One of my best lessons and blessings is learning that life is about coming back stronger than ever by being a positive motivating force!

I am growing in the grace of gratitude! *TRUTH*

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