Friday, April 5, 2013


Willing your way can be a good thing or not.  It depends on if it is applied to you in order to better yourself and grow.  The flip side is that "willing your way" is also the same as, beating somebody in the head to benefit you and not them.  

The flip side in my eyes, is a form of emotional interrogation, usually done through manipulation without pure intentions.  You cannot force your will upon others.  If that's not a universal law, then it should be one.  I see people willing their way onto others and into other people's lives all of the time.  

If you have to force a person through manipulation, deceit, trickery, mind games or physically to get them to see and do things your way, PROBLEM!  That is a huge problem and people seem to do this on many different levels like it is not big deal.  NOT OKAY!!!!!

You have no right to will your way on anybody but yourself.  People do this when they want to get a person to do or see things their way.  They want to get them to agree, cosign, say and do certain things that the person may disagree with, go against, feel is wrong or just do not want to do.  

When you have to push, stress or force anyone to say or do something to satisfy your desires or needs, something is wrong with that picture in your life.  We all have free will but many people misuse and abuse that privilege.  Worry about yourself and your own life.  

Let people interact with you freely. If they do not live up to your expectations or if they disappoint you, then freely let them be and leave them alone.  If you hang onto every little thing for the purpose of control or validation your feelings, then you will limit your personal growth.  You will also destroy friendships and relationships.  

Willing your way is not living your life through love. When you love, treasure and value yourself, you will trust  life.  When you don't trust life, you will not trust yourself, which means that you will intentionally or unintentionally will your way onto other people.  

You would think that this just happens within a business setting, where people must negotiate deals and transactions to benefit their company or themselves.  Not so much.  I see many adults do it to children.  I see it happening in many friendships. I see it in relationships.  I see it among family members.  

The truth of the matter is that this is about control.  When you are out of control within yourself, there will be internal chaos and turmoil.  Anything internal, will manifest itself outside of you in many different ways.  If you feel the need to "will your way" and have to force people through manipulation, then there is a heavy level of fear and insecurity that is driving you.  

You must let go of your fears and your insecurities so you can replace it with love, so you can learn how to have faith. The force that drives each of us is very powerful.  It can be a powerful positive motivating force or it can be a powerful negative motivating force.  Let LOVE, FAITH and HOPE be your force in this world.  Life is that simple!


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