Wednesday, April 24, 2013


How do you value yourself?  For me I just do it. I stop what is negative in my life and do what is positive for my self esteem and confidence.  If I had to give advice on where to start when trying to figure out how to value yourself, I guess I would say you can start by deciding to   SOUL SEARCH YOURSELF! 

You start with deciding what kind of peace you want within your life and go for it.  You start with surrendering all of the negativity that you carry and hold within you towards yourself and others.  You start with your shame and forgiving yourself.  You start with your doubt and not believing your fears.  

You start with your self-loathing and change it to self-love.  You start with everything that has helped you build up walls, so you can find the tools that you need to break those walls down.  When you destroy what destroys you then you can value yourself.  When you value the treasure that you are you can live life through love and stay right there. 

You stay right in the bosom of love, faith and hope that you are enough and worthy.  In love you no longer have to fight meaningless battles because you know your worth and understand how to value yourself.  You don't have to fight the world.  You don't have to wear many masks. You don't have to fight your feelings or emotions when you find the strength that you need to stop doing things that will hurt you in life.  

What you choose to say, do and become is what you will be.  Choose to value all that you are.  Choose to do what will show your value in this world.  Choose to become the treasure that you were born to be.  You have to value yourself before you can expect others to value you.  How others treat you is directly connected to how you value yourself.  

When you learn to value yourself, that becomes a turning point in your life. In order for your life to reach a turning point and move in the direction you need it to grow you must be willing to turn.  When you value who you are and what you have to offer this world, you will turn.  You will turn your life around because you're worthy.

When you willing choose to open up yourself to truth, you will grow from your pain and search your soul deep enough to see the importance of why you must VALUE YOURSELF!  

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