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PLEASE let me know if I am wrong with my thoughts on this quote. I feel people should stop blaming "Satan" for things that they do.  It doesn't make sense!!
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We need Men to Step up and be fathers to those that have no fathers. We need fathers that ain't been fathers to become fathers. We have to return the Father figure back to our Community. It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a father to help raise strong Men! Today this is my prayer!! Gods will be done!!
People can pray all day long but if they do not learn that discipline is required if they want to achieve goals in order to succeed in life then it's not Satan's fault, it's their fault. I don't do the debate thing therefore I do not do the religious debate. 

I go hard logically as I see things, so this is not about church or religion.  I would love for this to make sense to me but it does not.  I do respect another perspective on all topics, so help me understand this one.

I don't think it's Satan as much as it is a lack of accountability for your actions. I have no doubt that when men choose to "MAN UP" then Satan will no longer get at them to destroy their families.  It is a matter of choices and decisions.  If you make foolish choices and decisions then do everything to make things right.

To me this is just common sense. If you have sex with a woman and create a child, is it Satan's penis that poked then knocked her up???? Is it Satan that makes a man never give a dime or spend quality time to support their child?? Did Satan do that?? Maybe it's me but some things don't add up and Satan getting blamed for everything is one of them. 

Men know what they have to do to "MAN UP" because they see other men supporting their children, women and families. How come Satan isn't destroying those men who have the discipline it takes to man up. Why doesn't Satan destroy those men??? 

I see real men handling their business all of the time and it is a struggle for them but they love their family so they work hard and they sacrifice out of love. It's called manhood!! A man who works hard so his child can have their needs met. A man who hugs, kisses and spends time with his children because it makes him happy, not because he feels like it's a HUGE sacrifice to just love his children. 

Please use Satan for other issues and not as an excuse for basic family needs. A boy makes excuses but a man will find a way to make it happen for his family, especially his children. Everything is not about money all of the time. Change a diaper, take them for a walk or to a park and just make a plan to provide a safe, nurturing and loving environment for them to live and be educated. 

Whatever environment your child is exposed to will educate them whether you do it or not. If their home is negative then they will learn to be negative. If they are living in poverty then they will have a poverty mindset. If you don't educate them about life then life will teach them lessons that could very well destroy them. It's not Satan, it your lack of discipline and commitment to your family. 

I see real men care for their families all of the the time so I can't help but think some men put their own immature, ignorant and selfish needs before what their family needs are. Either your children and family is your top priority or they are NOT!! What makes it worse is I blame women who choose these kind of men and then complain that Satan is out to destroy their man and family. 

Listen up, hold men accountable for their actions by not having more kids with them when they do not support the first child. You're a repeat offender too. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, then shame on me but hey I could be wrong here. 

Again PLEASE let me know if I am wrong because I'm still learning in life but damn, this is one lesson that I figured out a long time ago. It ain't Satan, it's lack of discipline.!!

"CATS OUT THE BAG", cause it is not Satan, it's just you making poor choices in life.  As always, just my thoughts! 

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