Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have never met a woman who didn't have something brilliant to contribute to society and the world. I've just met women who weren't aware that they possess the power to make a major impact on the world.

Unfortunately the reality is that females are born and bred to be exploited in some way. This global occurrence is so much of a norm that we now exploit ourselves without realizing the consequences of our actions.

Our living conditions and environment along with what the world will expose us to will always influence us. Girls are paying attention and acting out based on what they hear and see. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, little girls are looking to be led from childhood throughout girlhood and well into adulthood.

There is nothing more heartbreaking to witness than that "LITTLE GIRL WITHIN" still struggling to gain the strength, knowledge and the wisdom needed to evolve into an empowered woman.

Her head should always be held high as the world acknowledge her for who she is, a beautifully divine woman of strength! A woman who missed out on her childhood, girlhood, her chance to become a well rounded young lady who deserves nothing but the best life can give her.

Now she's "GROWN".....A full grown woman yet still just a little girl within, who needs a chance to win as a woman and in life!

-Written by BINDU

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