Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I say this and a lot of things all of the time but let me be clear that I have worked tirelessly and still do towards growth. I work on my emotional and spiritual growth daily. I work on my mental health in order to gain emotional intelligence. 

I reflect on my life to learn me. It's all about self discovery and it's not easy because there are many days that I do not like the me that I see. I had to learn how to change what I do not like or love about myself and that takes a certain level of awareness. 

I cannot be in denial about my own issues. I have to own them and be fully accountable for all of my wrongs so I can be right within. Growth is work but why else are we here? Anything that is not growing is dead and we are alive and well so why not live in a space of gratitude so we can grow in life? 

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