Tuesday, April 2, 2013


April is Autism Awareness month and today is World Autism Awareness Day.
My blog is about life.  It's about every single that can and will happen in life. It's about the highs and the lows.  It's about the joy and the h     ope that life can bring us each day.  When life doesn't bring us hope the we have to go out and make make life happen.  Part of my life is bringing awareness to people about Autism.  I was completely clueless and very ignorant about Autism and most disabilities until I gave birth to my son.
He is an amazing Autistic Soul.....the soul that ignites a kind of spark that will blaze across this universe.  He is my star seed and my personal truth.  He is my eyes, ears, thoughts, feelings and sweetest dreams.  My love for my son erupts like volcanoes and but never subsides.  In my eyes life can only get more amazing because his light and loving energy has truly touched my soul.  He is truly the *ooooo* in goooooodness!  He is sucha priceless treasure who has a silence that can your core.  He speaks the language of love through his positive energy.
Reaching milestones is a cause for celebration but when your child has a disability it becomes a MAJOR cause to celebrate every obstacle they overcome.
Some things parents take for granted, like taking their kids for haircuts. My son finally allowed his dad to give him a hair cut. We've waited almost 5 years for this moment. It has truly been such a stressful struggle for my family. 
Just seeing your child who is delayed actually making excellent progress with learning, behavior, and development is AMAZING!!! Tears of joy were flowing.
I couldn't even get a clear pic because my hand was shaking and I started crying. Just a joyful hot mess of tears right now. *SO GRATEFUL* 
My son has been the biggest and best blessing in our family.  Our lives are so much brighter because he has light up our world and made it beautiful!! 

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