Wednesday, March 27, 2013


To truly be conscious of your greatness and purpose in this world, it starts with self.  When you work on yourself to figure out how to fix what you do not like about yourself, it places you on a perfect path of self examination, which will lead to self discovery.  I cannot stress the importance of the saying "KNOW THY SELF".  

It is truly important to figure out who you truly are in this world.  It is filled with so many fantasies, illusions, tricks and trends that teach you how to be a follower.  Not a LEADER, but a great follower.  Look around and you will clearly see that society will just dumb you way down to the ground daily.

At some point you will be left distracted or confused about what is really going on, what is important and who or what truly matters the most in your life.  Other people are so caught up in other people's personal lives, negative drama or so called celebrity lives. that they let parts of their own lives fall by the waste side.  All of what you put out into this world is your time and precious energy.

Life has taught me that people and things will clutter your mind, heart, spirit, soul and your whole life IF you allow it.  Everything is energy, so a huge part of life is balancing your precious time, while balancing positive and the negative energy in this world.  Your good vibes must be high.  Your goal is to stay true to yourself by being authentic.  

Life is about purpose.  Why are you here? What are you supposed to do in life?  Are you allowing all of the wrong people, places and things to distract you from your purpose?  We all have to handle the basics in life.  We also  have to focus on our purpose.  Your basics is daily living, family, work, friends, things to do, places to be and people to see.  Now what is your purpose?????

Your basics should lead you towards your purpose in life.  You cannot allow anything to distract you from what will feed your soul.  Knowing your purpose is soul food. It is also work because no matter how positive you are, negativity will come your way to challenge you.  When you are always challenged, you will have to go to battle and decide if you want to deal with negativity in a positive way, so you can win in life or if you want to fight fire with fire and fail.

It is not always so easy to be positive when you are not in a strong or very balanced emotional state of mind.  I used to think it was so easy to be happy and full of joy, but I learned that it came easy to me because I spend most of my life focusing on authentic joy.  I am always willing to put in the work it will take to create and sustain my joy.  I do it sober without drowning myself by constantly drinking, drugs, stimulants, etc..  I understand that is not so easy for others to do without people giving them constant motivation, inspiration or with the use of meds and substances.  

I don't want to numb myself, I want to feel life.  I am my own battery so I charge myself up.  I find try to always motivate and inspire myself from within.  My desire for a life of purpose by my definition, filled with knowledge and wisdom through love is strong so I bounce back in life like a boomerang!!

As a child I was very happy, outgoing, loving and just filled with so much positive energy.  As I experienced certain people in certain situations that were negative, it made me shut down and become withdrawn.I struggled with communication for a very long time.  You couldn't pay me any amount of money to say two words to people if it was not required but I was never unkind, just quiet and curious.  

As an adult, I still struggle with being able to express my thoughts and feelings.  My journey continues but I'm am grateful because sharing, writing and blogging has allowed my thoughts and voice to be heard.  It has exposed my inner big mouth which had a need to be set free.  It has inspired others.

Truth be told, in person, unless you take the time to get to know me, I'm pretty quiet. We all come into this world pure but this world does taint, mold, shake and damn near try to just break us down.  During all of our experiences, we will discover who we really are, based on how we handle and overcome each of our obstacles in life.  

We never know what lessons life will toss us into but I do know that it begins at birth.  It begins with the family you are born into, the environment you are exposed to, the guidance, education, love, nurturing and support or the lack of all of those things that you receive. 

Who you become in this world, is not based on what happens to you, as much as it is based on how you learn and apply life lessons.  Some people life lessons do become their blessings in life because they understand each lesson.  They pay attention to the signs in life and know things happen for a reason.  

Others who don't think or examine their lives tend to stay stuck in their struggles.  They can't seem to wrap their minds around the fact that they went through hard times, why certain things keep happening to them or why they just don't know how solve all of their problems.  They don't know how to get the lessons and apply it to life.  

People struggle because it will take work, so if you don't have a strong desire to learn, grow and win in life you will struggle.  You need tremendous desire to succeed in every area of your life.  If one human being can succeed in this world, why can't you???  First you have to define success.  I say that because my definition of success may be very different that another person's mindset.  Make sure that what works best in your life is actually working and that you put in the work.

I'm not living for the world and what is outside of me because I'm do busy discovering what is inside of me.  I'm getting to KNOW THY SELF!  In doing so, it has helped me overcome personal struggles with communication and being open to others.  I know that I'm too kind and I can be taken advantage of so I keep a safe distance from people.  

I put myself out there but I'm wiser. One of my life lessons was to manage people as they enter and leave my life without losing the best part of who I am.  It taught me to continue to be loving, kind, sincere and genuine but to also set boundaries and be very clear about the lines that I've drawn.  

Learning all of that actually taught me how to love people more, be vulnerable by trusting myself to correctly handle any situation that may come my way.  Now I am getting so much better at just being more open and communicating with love, while balancing out that side of me that will shut down or shut people out of my life.  Balance is key!

I've learned that it's so simply just to communicate with love.  Doing things with love is a recipe for healing and an opportunity to clear up things that you don't understand.  By working on myself, not only did I discover my purpose but it allowed positive people to be drawn to me so I can learn more.  

When I woke up this morning, I gave thanks for all of those people that crossed my path in passing and those that are still along for the ride during this journey that I'm on.  Every person serves a purpose and pushed me closer to my purpose.  I gained more growth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding which has brought me one step closer to being balanced and whole.


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