Wednesday, March 20, 2013


People do themselves such a disservice when they do not think deeply and begin to look at their life as a journey filled with experiences that they must learn lessons from.  Too many people live life carelessly without giving their thoughts, actions, decisions and choices much thought.

It is as if they have all of the time in this world to keep screwing up, because they can make up for it at a later time.  That is foolish thinking, because the truth is that we are all here for a limited time. What you think, do and learn with your time truly matters. We should all keep in mind that there is an expiration date for everyone.  

I'm sure it is by design that nobody has a clue of when their expiration date or when they will transition to the afterlife.  It's not stamped directly on each of our foreheads because most of us would act a fool until the day before death, to get our life in order.

People tend to procrastinate when they know exactly how much time they have left.  Since we don't know the day or hour we will pass, we really do not have time to waste on our life lessons and experiences.  Some experiences will catch us by surprise, some we will be born into, forced into or choose to go through.  We can't avoid lessons that are meant for us to learn but we can avoid repeating them by learning the first time.

We have to learn sooner and be very wise with the life experiences we choose.    The universe knows every single thing that we are supposed to learn and experience on our journey. This is why people say "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON".  You may not always like the reasons, but you must learn the lessons from it.

You have to learn how to move by faith and not by sight. Trust your struggle. Trust your joy. Trust the path you've been placed on so you can learn your life lessons.  Learning your lesson will guide you towards a better path in life. All of your relationships with everyone is VERY important. You have to go through the bad to gain some clarity and completely understand the good. 

When life is easy and everything works out great, people don't appreciate life as much, because things came too easy, but struggle, heartache and pain will teach you how to appreciate life.  There are millions of life lessons to learn.  I can't imagine learning all of them in a lifetime.  Maybe this is why people say we have past lives.  It's way too much life to live and learn in one lifetime so be wise with your time.

When you lose people, friendships, family, relationships and go through some things, you begin to pay attention to your life. Only then do you consider doing good, being right within and learning your lessons. You will have to experience many things with many people but the life lesson you must learn first is that your journey is about you.  Use your time wisely.

Do not compete or focus on others, just learn what it is about you that has kept you stuck in your lessons or what will help you grow during your journey.
Living your life to the fullest while you learn your lessons, is to understand that YOU DON'T HAVE TIME! Live and love your life your way and do it now.

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