Friday, March 29, 2013


TGIF!!!!!!! I'm so happy Friday is here! I'm happy and excited about life right now. Anytime I gain personal growth, learn something new or figure out what my next step should be in life, I get really excited. Knowing what to focus on and which direction to go in life is required when you have specific goals that you wish to achieve. 
You cannot change or achieve anything without discipline.  You can't release  excess weight, exercise or live a healthy lifestyle without discipline.  You cannot educate yourself about many things in life without discipline.  You cannot be a seeker of all things without discipline but most important, you cannot be and stay IN FLOW without discipline.  

I'm excited because for some reason I just realized how much I have grown since I began blogging and having that period of personal growth has pushed me to keep following my bliss as I flow on through life.  I smile at life because I get it on so many levels so it becomes so much easier to just flow with it.  I go with the flow of life because I am truly creating my own flow. 

I am soul searching FEARLESSLY and following my truth so I can stay in flow. In flow means that you are bold, brave and very courageous in following your bliss! My bliss is way outside of the box and I love it!  Today is a great Friday for me because I feel unbeatable, powerful, unbreakable and truly unstoppable!  I wish the same for everyone. 

It is not easy to stay in flow or stay on track with your life when we have so many distractions, both good and bad. You have to stay true to yourself, learn, grow and do not hold onto who you were.  Live your life through love and learn how to let go of the past, so you can discover who you were meant to be in life. 

Your uniqueness is your mark and contribution to this world, so BE YOU!  People always say DO YOU, I say BE YOU because it is the same thing but it specifies that you being yourself by staying true to the core of who you really are inside, even as you grow and change in life.  My struggle is that people love to put me in a box or their personal box and I do not fit into a box.

Yes, I am every woman! I really can do anything I put my mind to and be truly phenomenal at it.  We all can BUT I just have to be me and live life my way.  This is why I keep an open mind as I stay open to new changes in, out and around  my life.  I'm about my purpose because that is where my bliss is and so I must flow on and follow my bliss!  

Live the life you love and truly love the life you are living.  That's the only way to stay true to who you are!  *TRUTH*

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