Tuesday, March 26, 2013


MARRIAGE IS A CONTRACT, so what you agree to contractually, you must make good on or you will have some problems. You cannot break your contract and expect emotions to reseal your deal. Somebody is going to expect you to live up what was agreed upon.

Love is a contract, relationship is a contract and so is marriage.  One contract or agreement leads to the another.  Everybody wants to be married but not everybody is realistic about the fact that you are in agreement and obligated to make good on your contract. It's not a joke and its not a game. Relationships are for you to practice how to uphold your marital contract. 

If you can't maintain healthy happy relationships how do you think you are going to manage your marriage? LOVE is a feeling and we all catch feelings but love don't make a relationship and love won't manage a marriage. 

You have to put in the work required for relationships to be successful so you can prove yourself worthy of upholding your marital contract. Too many weak minded people jumping into love, relationships and marriage as if it's a trend or to fill that empty void in their lives. 

They assume they are worthy instead you working on their worth BEFORE they fall in love, get into relationships and jump into marriage.  You have to let go of that illusion you create in your mind based on being a follower.  KNOW THY SELF.  Ask yourself questions so that you can be very clear about why you are making the choices you make.

What does love mean to you?  Are you in the kind of love you believe to be an authentic love or are you just going with the flow of things?  There is a difference, just going with the flow if you  are not experienced and wise in love, relationships and marriage will make you fall into a situation that could  change your life forever.

You can't expect anybody to sacrifice a part of themselves when you are not capable of sacrificing for yourself.  What are you willing to sacrifice?  Love, relationships and marriage is sacrifice!

You have to be wise and think things through before choosing to make certain decisions in life. You must pay attention as you live and learn people.


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