Saturday, March 23, 2013


I love my child!  I love to watch him as he explores life.  I love his appreciation for the beauty of nature and life.  I love the instant gratification he receives from simple things like raindrops falling on his face.  I love to see his soul express his love for laughter.  I find it healing to my own spirit and soul.  He is pure joy and just filled with so much hope consumed by love.  He has learned exactly what unconditional love is.
You can tell the true nature of the parent by learning the true nature of the child.  You can tell if a parent is hands on, hands off or limits the amount of quality time, pure love and genuine affection, just by learning their child.  My investment is my child. Why? because children are priceless and are the most valuable treasures we have.  
I invest all of my time, energy, love, care, support and everything else into his well being. Whatever you put into your child, no matter how lost they seem to get in life, they will always go back to their true nature because that is all they really know inside.  If you fill them up with love first, they will end with love last.  You have to get that unconditional love and bonding into their hearts directly from the womb or as soon as you possibly can.  
Usually by age 5, whatever you've exposed them to or neglected to instill into them, will determine how they develop.  Expose them to love and joy!! They are who they are but they take with them all of the love you give early on.  Never emotionally abandon your child. Parents do this in so many ways and can't grasp the fact that it is neglect. 
Too many parents try to balance other people, places and things with their children's quality time.  Too many parents give quantity time with zero meaningful moments.  Being around your child and having them do things or activities is very different from learning your child so you are in tuned to who they are as individuals.  
Children come into your lives to teach you something so if you are around, related to or work with children, you are a parent as well as a student.  Adults are quick to convince themselves that they are teaching children, but life has taught me that children are teaching us.  The most important lesson that my child has taught me is LOVE!!!!

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