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It’s taken time to get to this moment in my life, however, God planted seeds in my life to guide me where I am now, I understand that I am here to help people whether to help them have a voice and/or change lives.
Personal growth is when you have no regrets and you let go of your fears and live in the moment. My life experience whether it was positive or negative made me into the woman that I am now…
Pay it Forward; giving back to those and don’t expect nothing in return. I realize that I am so much like my parents. My parents notice your potential or your gift/purpose whether you see it or not, they ensure you reach your potential. They were fulfilled to see you made something of yourself. 
Career in Real Estate Industry:
In 1999, I transition from Mortgage Banker to Commercial Real Estate Broker, I was the 1st African American Woman to become an Commercial Real Estate Broker, however, I was the 2nd African American in the industry, the first was Andrew Jarvis to represent Washington, DC.
When I was young, my outlook was ALL about me. (i.e. living the single, traveling, etc). However, change of events and becoming a mother has been the greatest personal achievements. Becoming a mother at a young age, I did not want to be a statistic. I want to be the mother that proved the odds were not against me. I challenge myself everyday whether taking extra continuing education program etc. I made it a challenge for myself. I realize all eyes on me whether it was my family, friends or my child. Especially my child, I want to be a role model for my child.
New Bucket List:
Last year on my birthday, instead of packing my luggage and boarding the plane to travel to and stay at a resort for relaxation and fun. I decide to be adventurous and board a plane and complete my first skydiving tandem. I must admit, this was the best birthday celebration in my life. Recently, dealing with a great lost and I felt like my life was in limbo. I was at a crossroad in my life and fear seemed to keep me from moving forward.

Quotes that best describes who you truly are.......
One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. ~Maya Angelou
For Africa to me... is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place. ~Maya Angelou

All woman MUST know their self worth and never settle.

Sacrifice it is a given; we act without hesitation. A mother will sacrifice herself and carry the world on her shoulders for her children. 
A friend is someone who knows enough about you to destroy you but doesn’t…that loyalty.
Bullying has changed so drastically. When I was a child, I had slight accent, and I could not handle family members and my peers making fun of the way, I pronounce my words. My mother will tell you that I became Americanize. Everyday, I practice speaking like my peers to fit in. If I had met my future self back then I would say to me- Don’t change for anyone that does not care for who you are. You are stronger than you know; don’t be afraid to walk in the dark or the storm for the moment.
Loyal, compassionate, loving and silly.

Racism and Career: I was raised in Southern Virginia ( the good ole Commonwealth network), my challenge dealing with racism and discrimination while establishing my career. In Commercial Real Estate, it is dominated by Caucasian males and there are very few Caucasian women and bare minimum African American in the industry. In 1999, my colleagues, a few however not all, have tendency to profile people from different demographic and culture background. At the time, I was providing a stepping stone for African American and my family; I realize that I had to set atonement for African Americans in the industry. At times on a daily basis, my colleagues would openly discuss people from different races. I could not believe the candid conversations at the conference table. Instead of reacting in a aggressive way, I would address and question my colleagues perceptions of races. Believe me there were times, I felt the need to turn the table on them and go off but, I realize that’s what they want to see… Every day, I had my game face on and work diligently to build my clientele. I believe they were surprise to see that I was dedicated to my craft. There were two (3) colleagues that did not see my color or discriminate me that I was a woman. I remember the Sale Manager from the NYC Head office made a special visit to the DC office. He deliberately met with me last, in the meeting; we review my portfolio and discuss my future as a commercial real estate broker. At that moment, he was very candid with me and said “Lisa, you know – you are making history”. 
I advise him that I was aware however, I could not spend my time focus nor think about it and I was focus on building a future for my family. It was then he said to me ‘if I had any concerns or issues with anyone here, do not hesitate to let me know… I want you to be the best’. Last, my co-partner with most of deals, he only show my potential and promise as a broker. He ensured that not only I know the ins and outs of networking; closing deals but he revealed to me on how to be
precautious with my peers/ colleagues who were against me. Last, my assistant, who was a firecracker, however, she's good-hearted person. She always ensured my contracts, my presentations and kept me on point.

My Mother & Family:

My mother, who has suffered from thyroids issue, currently is homeless. My challenges as her caregiver- she refuse to leave her surroundings, at times exhausting to understand the loopholes of state laws, social work systems and homeless prevention or resources. Unfortunately, more damage is done by the downfall of blood-related family members- not all but they have a tendency to gossip, slander or mock a family member instead of working together. Currently, working on a plan with my mother’s family that I hope will work (divine intervention) however, I had build a great rapport with great resources ( i.e. medical and social services). I hope during the Obama Administration, we can change the mental health issues that can assist caregiver and their loved ones.
MY SON.....
Memorial Weekend 2012, my son took his life. A mother never expects to prepare and organize their funeral services. However, during those 3 weeks organizing and preparing his vigil, the memorial services and attending his graduation to receive his diploma. I realize he left a legacy of love and kindness; he was a wise young man. It is bittersweet to have individuals come to you and explain to you how your child helped them in their darkest hours, how he was a big brother to everyone and gentleman. He was talented journalist, photographer, artist and love longboarding. However, I’ve learned that my son’s perception of his life was challenging (i.e. bullying, medical misdiagnosis, self-esteem, etc) , he believed that his peers should live in unity and love. I realize this generation of youths are color blind and they have concerns and issues just like adults however, on a different level. Today, it is very difficult to transcend from youth to adulthood. I would have preferred to mourn my son’s death privately however; I could not be selfish especially when his peers need help.

In honor of my son and his friends, we are launching a non-profit school program called ‘Talk To Us’ , the program will initially start at his high school alumni and tour the Greater Washington Area and evidently spread globally. Unfortunately, my son is no longer here with me however, the greatest gift he left us all was to show us how strong we are and continue to pay it forward for others. I am here to carry on his legacy.

In honor of my son, on my birthday, skydiving showed me to let go of FEAR and never stop being adventurous, daring and young.
Written and expressed by 
Lisa Daughtrey
This is one of many reasons why it is so important to stand up against BULLYING!  You do not know what emotional state people, especially children are in or how bad they feel like things are for them.  THANK YOU so much Lisa Daughtrey for blessing my blog by allowing me to feature you.  I am truly inspired by your personal truth and I have no doubt that your beautiful son is now your guardian angel.  I wish you continued blessings in keeping his memory alive and much success with your career.  You are a wonderful, gracious and classy mother/women.  


Tamara Lumpkin said...

Thank you Lisa for sharing your sentiments and paying it forward.


Thanks so much for your feedback Tamara!! Lisa is a true inspiration!! :-)