Friday, March 22, 2013


LIFE IS HUGE!!! When I was a kid I use to think that life was really big, but I had no clue just how big.  When you decide to open your mind to learn people and learn life not just through your eyes but through the eyes of the world, life will amaze you a trillion times over. You will be inspired to explore your own personal growth.

For me the best part of this experience called life is personal spiritual growth. Growth means learning knowledge to gain wisdom over time, which will give you the strength you need to cope with all of the experiences you will have on earth.  You grow from goodness  into greatness by remembering all of the lessons you have learned so you can grow from it.  Growth is so important!

Personal growth within every aspect of your life can only come from deep soul searching.  Most times it comes from pain, heartache and personal struggles. You have to celebrate your life but you must also examine your life in order to grow and have balance.  Whatever has been broken in your life, is basically a challenge for you to heal it so you can become whole again.  Wholeness and balance is key to having growth. 

We all need balance in our lives.  Some of us desire it and others are forced to seek it because they have been through so much struggle, pain, pressure, anxiety and stress throughout their lives.  I've learned that bad things will happen to the some of the best people on the planet.  People don't always get to choose their experiences or life lessons. 

As I watch life play out in this world, I notice how caught up we get. We tend to get too caught up or trapped in all of the madness until we choose to make a change.  When people choose change for some reason they focus on what is on the outside first.  It seems that most people usually tend to work hard to get their MATERIALISTIC/EXTERNAL self in order and wonder why the scales of their lives are so unbalanced.  Then they feel something is off and start to get their PHYSICAL/EXTERNAL self in order but wonder why the scales of their life still seems so unbalanced.

Then they think, well maybe if they feed their head things will balance out, so they focus on EDUCATION/EXTERNAL self in order.  Some may even go seek counseling or some form of therapy to help their MENTAL/EMOTIONAL self, yet still they wonder why the scales of their lives to be way off balance.  

I can tell you first hand from personal experience that the first and foremost part of growth to start with should be SPIRITUAL.  If it is balance that you seek in this world, you must feed your soul, so your spirit can grow.  When your spirit and soul begins the process of healing then you will begin to create balance within your life.  We are all one but we are all diverse and so unique in what kind of spiritual grow will heal us.  

You must let your soul guide you so you can find the answers for the spiritual part of your journey.  Growth can be messy, ugly, painful and such a struggle so don't try to be perfect.  Embrace your imperfections every single day.

Perfection is not an option because we need life experience to grow.  

People will chase all of the wrong things first to learn the life lessons they need to just discover all of the right things that will give them growth.  If we knew all of the answers to our questions we would have no need to experience life. If we didn't experience life our way, we would have no journey or path to teach us life lessons.  

You must be open to growing at each stage of your life.  Be open to your struggles, learn the life lessons from them and take each lesson with you so you can apply it to your future.  Life is about embracing your personal truth.  You personal truth is your good, your bad and your very ugly side.  

This can only be done with a strong desire for personal growth.  Learn to love yourself enough to be fearless in life.  The more you love yourself the more you will have a strong desire for growth!

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