Saturday, March 16, 2013


I say this because people are quick to throw gays into the molester mix.  You have to understand that it takes a high level of ignorance to assume and truly believe in your heart that all gay people are child molesters.  Let me break it down so people can think.......

A child molester is the preacher on the pulpit, who is responsible for leading people to spirituality but he has sex with the young boys and girls in Sunday school or teenagers who sings in the choir.  Those kids parents are so sucked into praise and worship they can't imagine that the same dude chanting the gospel is stealing children's souls.  

A child molester is the father that is married with a beautiful family and providing for their needs but acts on his strong urges to have sex with his baby girl while his wife pretends to be asleep by herself in their bedroom.  How can a mother never question her husband or check on her child?  It's called DENIAL!  I call that feeding the monster which is the same as failing your children.

A child molester is the teacher who clocks into work every day, teaches students that they have signed up to guide and protect but has no problem having sexual encounters with teen boys and girls because the kids look or act grown/sexy.  Real teachers tell them what is inappropriate and treat them like kids anyway.  Real teachers will keep them in a child's place where they belong!

A child molester is the uncle, aunt and cousin of kids who have careless parents that allow their sick family members to babysit their kids knowing that the children beg and plead not to be alone with them because they will abuse them.  How can you allow any family member to sexually abuse a child? How can any child stand up to or protect and defend themselves from adults?  How does that work???

A child molester is the boyfriend who intentionally seeks out desperate single mothers who are looking for love in all of the wrong places.  These losers will play on a mother's weaknesses and then sucker them into believing that they want to be a family.  The truth is  they are plotting to sexually violate those innocent kids, which is very easy to do with no father around to protect them.  Do you really need a man in your life THAT bad???  Your commitment and loyalty belongs to your child first and always!  Protect your children!!

A child molester is a tortured soul.  A child molester is a predator.  A child molester is a vile and savage animal.  A child molester is weak minded and disconnected from reality.  A child molester is a con artist who is very nice, charismatic, charming, engaging and unsuspecting to their victims, as well as their victim's families.  

A child molester is the adult who hangs out in the park with no kids, just sitting on the bench waiting for parents to be very distracted with their cell phone conversations or chatty with other parents, to the point that they let their kids play unattended.  That's when he swoops in on a child, convincing them to walk off with him.  Watch your kids!

A child molester is the pervert that offer young kids candy and money in exchange for show and don't tell your parents, if you know what I mean.  A child molester is a nasty ass adult that is addicted to child porn. THAT'S A SICK PROBLEM!!!!!!   A child molester is the mentor, coach, volunteer or day care worker who strategically places themselves in an environment filled with children, so they can take full advantage of innocent children.  

It's worse for children who have been abandoned, abused and neglected by their parents.  A child molester is the sick and twisted adults who take in foster children to intentionally abuse them and allow other adults in the home to rape precious little girls or boys at will while they collect a check from the government.  They need to take the CARE out of Foster Care.   Just call it CARELESS because it really gives genuine caring foster parents, who are a blessing to kids in need, a bad name. 

A child molester is the woman who babysit little girls and pretend to be extra friendly, loving and caring but is secretly performing disgusting sexual acts on innocent girls.  A child molester is the perfect neighbor who invites your child over to play with their kids then introduces them to porn and alcohol.  If you haven't been in your neighbors house and hung out there, why are you just letting your kids go off with their friends.  Every parent does not parent!!

A child molester is the priest that chooses his alter boys to do his bidding, as he finds a way to dupe those boys dumb ass parents into believing that a man of the cloth would never harm a child.  Why put your child in that kind of situation because of your beliefs???

A child molester is the politician who will never sign, push or pass real laws protecting the rights of children, why?, because he travels the globe to engage in child porn and sex rings to feed his sickness.  A child molester is the pimp and the john who trade young boys and girls on the cold streets, day and night for money, sex and drugs.   A child molester is the parents and the drug dealers that they let have sex with their children so they can pay off their drug habit.  If your life is destroyed do not use your poor kids by allowing dealers to destroy those kids by having sex with them or physically harming them. 

A child molester is any person gay or straight that have perverse thoughts and engage in any sexual conversations and sexual contact with a child.  If it crosses their mind or ever suggest it, that's a problem!!  A child molester is the grandfather who babysits his own grandchildren and makes them sit on his lap directly on his genitals so he can get sick pleasure out of it and does God knows what else.  The grandmother and parents who ignore the signs are just as guilty for allowing the abuse!!!

A child molester is rarely the stranger because they have to blend in.  They are masters of manipulation, intimidation and emotional abuse, which they use to sexually abuse very young innocent minds.  People need to stop pumping these kids out and serving them on a silver platter to these soul killers and sexual vampires on this planet.  

Child molesters are very well trained, very well disciplined and patient as hell with preying on children.  They groom kids over time by being nice and buying them gifts or spending time because the parents have such busy lives.  They are great at instilling fear into these young minds by feeding them lies and warning them to keep secrets. They destroy lives and steal souls daily, which is why for the life of me, I cannot understand why parents underestimate the fact that anybody can be a child molester.  Duh.. 

The people you party with all of the time who do sexually inappropriate things to young but grown or very developed teens, could be doing other sexually inappropriate things on the low.  Teens who party with adults grow up too fast.  Parents should never allow anybody and everybody to have access to their most valuable treasures.  

Kids are trusting and free spirits so when you see a child with a broken spirit who is acting out or being too grown, you better understand that they were exposed to something that stole their innocence at some point in their lives.  People who want to point the finger at gay people but trust all of the straight people who look like they would never harm a child are fooling themselves and putting their children at risk.  

I don't understand ignorant people who want to blame gay people but do not acknowledge how many straight men have sex with little girls or straight women who have sex with young boys.  They better wake up.  To me it doesn't matter if you are a parent or not.  If you have a soul then you should want ALL children to never have their innocence stolen.  There is no particular group of people, race, religion or gender to point the finger at because foul people will do foul things.  

Child molesters are foul and it can be anybody, anywhere at anytime.  We all have intuition and should trust our gut! That is why you don't send your kids into public restrooms by themselves.  They may be big enough to use the bathroom but may not be big and strong enough to fight off a foul child molester or rapist!  Don't assume not your child because sadly kids are too horrified, ashamed and humiliated as well as afraid to report abuse.

You have to get to know the adults that your children are around.  It does not matter if they are family, great friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, new spouse, teachers, coaches, mentors or church folks.  You will never ever know a person's true character if you are not hands on, very involved, in tune and in constant communication with your sons, your daughters, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren, your cousins, your neighbors children and the kids you mentor/work with on a daily basis, as well as the adults they interact with.  

This is the reason why I NEVER wonder what is wrong with adults who seem to  be tortured souls that tend to have very self-destructive behaviors.  I have no doubt that their innocence was stolen when they should have been loved, nurtured, guided, supported and protected by the people they trusted the most.  

To me caring for children is the greatest responsibility in this world. This is what being a community is.  If all good genuine loving souls do not protect all children, then who will???  

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