Monday, February 11, 2013


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I read something on facebook about motherhood and staying sexy/fabulous for your man, being exceptional for your kids, keeping your body tight and attractive, your home spotless and in perfect order, making your own money so you can show you are a hustler.  
Now this person is a woman giving advice to women to motivate them.  While I love and appreciate her for doing that, what I don't understand is why didn't one woman question the fact that SHE HAS NO KIDS.  I'm like this woman obviously has not one clue about everything that can go wrong IF a woman is blessed to get pregnant and carry a child or lucky enough to adopt a child.  Some women would love to be mothers but it's a struggle.  
This woman certainly has no idea what postpartum depression is.  Ummmm, I do and it's a depression that comes over you after you give birth and it makes suicide look like it could be really fun.  Ladies, please be wise about who you choose to take advice from.  I do give advice all of the time but I do tell people to question me and to think for themselves. Only you know what's best for you.  You are your own expert!!  
YES a woman can absolutely do and be all of those wonderful things which is actually being SUPERWOMAN. BUT that will happen as soon as you send mothers a personal trainer, a nanny, a wealthy husband who gives her an expense account to shop until she drops, someone who does her hair & make up, a personal driver to take her and the kids where they need to go, a chef to cook all of the family meals, an interior decorator, a housekeeper, an assistant to handle her errands and personal affairs, a life coach, oh and great connections to set her up with that fabulous career.  

Yep that's how women become that superwoman everyday.  I don't know any woman that can do it all and not lose the best part of who she truly is.  Also I don't know one woman you can give herself that much attention and care without dropping the ball on being a good mom.  Clearly the woman giving advice does not know why it is so hard for mother's to hold things down and how much support we need in our lives.  

Do not set yourself up for an epic fail! Do the best you can but don't beat yourself up when you fall short as a mom, we all do.  It's about how fast we bounce back and do better.  Not easy!!
My point is you have to love yourself enough to trust that you are a great mother.  There is a natural instinct that comes from loving your children which will guide you to care for them.  You just need to tap into that energy.  

You will screw up, all mothers do so it will never be perfect or easy.  You have to know your child and be in tune with their feelings.  As long as you give it your all and really try your best it is okay.   YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!  
The love you hold in your heart for your children is the TRUTH!  Trust it!!

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