Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MY RANDOMS......Facebook page posts!

Honestly, I am blown away that it does not click in people's minds that what they think and what they do is crucial. Every thought and action does affect your life in some way. You must pay attention to all of the signs that life is showing you and be guided by them. This is why I call everyone greatness.

This is why I say great things. This is why I think positive thoughts. This is why I fight the good fight with battling negativity because it is so easy to think or assume the bad and ugly things in life. It is so easy to not speak truth and not take action against negativity. 

Foul is foul, there is no confusion in that. Negativity seems to shine easily all day every single day, so you have to say that you are greatness and then allow your actions to prove it to yourself. 

What you think is what you will say and what you say is what you will end up doing. Have faith in yourself. Start thinking that you are greatness, say that you are greatness and go on to do great things so that you can become greatness. *TRUTH* 

Every time a stranger calls me beautiful, I think to myself "but you don't know me." Beauty truly comes from within. What's deep beneath the surface is what truly matters. 

While I appreciate a genuine compliment, it carries more weight when people who personally know me or personally know my good, bad and very ugly side and they still feel that I am a beautiful person. That makes me feel beautiful because I know they truly SEE ME. 

They see my struggle, they see my hopes, they see my dreams and they believe that I desire to become greatness. It tells me that it's not me but it's my truth that is beautiful. People always want their external beauty to be noticed and valued. 

I want my truth to be acknowledged and understood because you will never see my beauty if you can't see my truth. 

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