Friday, February 22, 2013

I'M FAT......WHO KNEW???????????

GREAT MORNING WORLD!!!!! It felt amazing to open up my blog page entitled "Bindu" on Facebook and read the following:"Beautiful Disarming eyes, a killer smile and a great mind. What a deadly combination. I do not know you at all but I truly enjoy your post." *Thank you B. Snetter* 
That was so nice.......but then why did I scroll down several comments and saw somebody looked through my pics then posted under one of my pics saying: "LAY OFF THE SNACKS"  (REALLY??)

Gotta love Facebook! I guess I should thank the person who called me fat because he inspired my blog post today! *THANKS DUDE*

*This is the pic of me he called fat.  Who knew?????*  lmao.....this is a grown woman's body!  Welcome to reality. ;-)
This is how it went down on my page....

LMAO @ somebody who recently joined my page and must have spent their whole night going through all of my pics.  They left a lot of comments that made me raise an eyebrow but the best was the one that said:  "LAY OFF THE SNACKS".  

I busted out laughing and just smiled because I love when men who can't carry life in their womb and push out babies call women fat.  Women already have enough pressure to be thin.  Also the truth is because of society most of the women who are a normal healthy size seem to believe they are fat.  THAT'S A REAL ISSUE!!!

Hey, my attitude is men please don't call women fat, especially if you need to be in the gym with her.  So I looked really hard at his profile pic then thought about going even harder but I just smiled and just banned and blocked him from my page.  I really like the new me.  I use to shut down and hold things in but I love being able to say what I feel.......FREELY!!!!! 

The easy thing to do is to be negative and sling insults.  I have a sharp tongue and wit so I can easily slice or dice up anyone but that is not who I truly am.  I get nothing out of being hurtful.  I actually appreciated his comments even though it wasn't nice at all.  

The old me would have said "LAY OFF THE UGLY", but I think the old me had a high school mentality and that was well over 20 years ago.  The new me just said I wonder how many women have had someone say this to them and men too, because everybody is rude sometimes. I decided to smile and post about it.  Our little girls already have negative thoughts about their image so this is not okay.  Our young boys have self esteem issues with their weight too. If a person does not value themselves or know their worth, words will have a negative affect on them.

I believe that everything does happens for a reason.  Maybe a girl or a woman needed this today. Maybe parents need to stop calling their kids fat. Maybe I need to not describe myself as fat.  Who knows??  What I do know is that every single thing is a life lesson, no matter how minor it is.  That lesson should teach us something about ourselves as well as life.  You must be careful of the image you see when you look in the mirror and the image you allow other people to project onto you.  *TRUTH*
Truth be told, if you're not sleeping with me don't concern yourself with my fat.  My jingling baby has no affect on you!  I'm just keeping it real!!! I think it's important to mention this truth because I think we need to really see ourselves.  Life has taught me that hurt people do hurt people.  

Damaged people damage people and so on.  I am not hurting or damaged therefore I have no need to hurt.  I am truly blessed to have a platform that allows me to express a deeper part of who I am FEARLESSLY.  I smiled today thinking that I have really grown up and matured tremendously.  That is real womanhood and I am so grateful!!!

For as much as I say exactly how I feel, I am aware and conscious enough to consider people's feelings.  I chose to be in the public eye so yes a thick skin is required but I think in every day life people must be careful about all of the negativity they place onto others.  

Life has taught me that it will always come back to you in many ways. The other truth that life has also taught me is that words do hurt as well as affect the *IMAGE* we have of ourselves.  That sticks and stones saying is a lie.  Words do have power.  I know because I blog words that have a profound affect on people.  

Just like my words affect them, their words affect me.  It may be in different ways but they still have an effect.  I'm quirky because I can call myself "fat" or discuss my weight, but nobody else can unless I allow it. I'm not giving out permission!!! I'm dead serious! *lol * 

We all should be kinder and very aware of what we say and how we treat others.  Now don't get me wrong......dude was right but not for the pic he posted on.  I actually do love snacks!!!! *LMAO*  Truth be told I do stress eat and need to lay off the snacks BUT truth be told I've been pretty slim most of my life and after physically pushing out several kids, I think that I look much better curvy, thick and healthy.  Fullness is beautiful!  Too many people struggle with their weight so we must watch what we say, especially to strangers.
As women our role is not to carve our image into the distorted picture in any person's mind.  Our bodies are our temples but we are not meant to look exactly the same.  Just like we are not meant to be people pleasers. You have to learn to be pleased with yourself!!!!
I'll be 40 years old this year and I have no desire to be paper supermodel thin.  That's not attractive to me.  I desire to be well toned, healthy INSIDE OUT, happy and beautiful INSIDE OUT.  We all should! *TRUTH*

I love to talk about every single topic I can think of or that someone has ever mentioned to me because I love truth. If my body is fat after several babies than we  really need to discuss and address our self image as well as challenge people who attempt to project and define what fat or attractive is.  Regardless of what society tells us, our BEAUTY is not defined by our fat!     

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