Monday, February 4, 2013


Yesterday was the Super Bowl and it was a very interesting day for me.  It encouraged me to choose a specific topic to blog and post about today.  
I almost never blog about famous people or any specific person.  I usually make everyone's experience my own as if I am walking in their shoes, so if you don't know about me by now, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is BINDU.  I am a West African woman of strength.  Sometimes I feel like every woman.  Some say that I'm shocking and all of the thoughts *IN MY HEAD* is way too deep.  My feelings on that is, that's their perspective.  
I actually don't think I'm that deep and certainly not shocking, but that's my perspective.  At the end of the day, it's not that serious, I AM WHO I AM, YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE so IT IS WHAT IT IS! I love to blog, express myself deeply and passionately, but most of all I love to study people and try to step into their shoes if possible.  For me it is an opportunity to learn their life lessons. 
When I place myself in a person's shoes, it is to feel their joy and pain, as well as explore their personal truth, in order to see their side of what they have gone through in life.  Some of my very favorite people are people who judge and point fingers at others.  Our world is notorious for building people up so they can celebrate tearing them down.
IN MY HEAD, I see it as a cruel joke in life, because it's as if people get off on seeing others succeed just to see if they will fail.  The sick truth is people who point fingers love to see others broken wide open.   I often smile at people who love to judge and point fingers because I know that life lessons are coming for them in a way that they truly can never imagine.  
We all have our season to go through joy and pain.   People love us then they love to hate us for screwing up or doing things to destroy the perfect image they placed upon us.  Everyone will have their own battles to fight each day of their lives.  To me it makes sense to help each other overcome struggles but some people don't see life that way. We all have different stories based on our personal truth. 
What I've noticed in life is that, those who love to point fingers and judge to use another person's trials to expose them are usually the people that get the toughest life lessons to learn.  Life will eventually hit them harder than the person they are pointing fingers at because they were so tough on other people during a time of learning their life lessons.   
To me the story of Ray Lewis has so many lessons we can all learn from.  It makes me think of how the world is full of sinners and saints but people choose to believe that they are usually one or the other.  It is wise to learn that you must see yourself in others.  When you can't then you just might convince yourself that you are above or beyond other people's mistakes, poor choices or bad decisions.  That's when life will toss you some insane life experiences. 
It is very easy to judge and point fingers yet so difficult to be brave enough to say, I will choose to be a blessing to the person everyone has given up on or thrown away.  I like saints but I like sinners a little bit more because saints are better at hiding their truth, but sinners can't escape their truth no matter how hard they try so it is easy to see them.  It is easy for saints to hide. 
One lesson that life has taught me about pointing fingers, is that at some point in our lives, we forget that WE ARE ALL SINNERS AND WE ARE ALL SAINTS.  Some of us sin early and turn into saints later.  Some of us become saints early and end up being sinners later in life.  I guess it all depends on which life lesson we are experiencing and if we choose to learn from it.
Unless our feet can fit in other people's shoes every second of their journey, to walk their path in life, who are we to judge them or point our fingers at somebody's life lessons?  I say let's allow people to learn their lessons so they can receive their blessings.  Most people are broken enough by pain.
There really is something to be said by practicing compassion even if you don't feel somebody may deserve it.  It says a whole lot about your character and not so much about who the other person is or what they did.  You are not their jury or judge.  CAREFUL WHERE YOU POINT YOUR FINGERS.  LIFE HAS A FUNNY WAY OF POINTING 3 FINGERS RIGHT BACK AT YOU. *TRUTH* 
No matter how much praise and fanatic pedestal worship people choose to place upon you, understand that it is jujust for doing what your heart tells you to do or for using your gifts, talents to tap into your greatness, your life is always about you.  It is not real.
It is never about what other people think of you or how they feel about your choices and decisions.  At they end of the day, you have to live with yourself, your decisions, your choices, but you also have to LIVE.  It is very difficult to just LIVE, when the whole world is constantly pointing fingers at you and reminding you of who you use to be, what you went through and your poor choices.  It takes tremendous courage and strength to LIVE through and beyond all of those judgments.  Not everyone is strong enough to walk that path and thrive.
Yesterday was interesting for me because as I've said many times before, I love to study people.  I don't study people for judgement because people are unique individuals who at times choose to be followers instead of putting the work in that it really takes to be a leader.  You don't have to be a leader to others as much as you have to be one to yourself.  I study people simply to learn.  I love to see the different mindsets as well as what makes people tick.  Life has taught me many lessons but one of the biggest is As I watched Ray Lewis last 

In order to become GREATNESS you must learn to discover who you truly are in order to overcome your personal struggles.  You must be able to destroy what destroys you from within.  
The thing about life is that your lessons are usually chosen for you.  You may not be able to choose your lessons but you do get choose your outlook, how you're willing to learn in order to win in life.


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