Thursday, February 21, 2013


Our comfort zone is the safest place to stay.  It's our home within a home.  That's where we put our walls up and blinders on to hide who we are because we are afraid to stand out.  Our comfort zone allows us to peek into but never step into the world and stand out.  
Our comfort zone allows us to blend in casually as we hide behind our fears, hopes, wishes and dreams.  We all can dream, but we all don't work smart and hard enough to turn our dreams into a reality.  The only way to know who you are and what you are truly capable of, is to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, but do it fearlessly!
It is very important to prepare for anything and everything in life.  It is more important to stay prepared and ready for what you desire out of life.  With that said, when it comes to going for specific things like business, career, dreams and goals, you must know who you are, so you can trust yourself enough to believe in yourself.
Staying in your comfort zone is saying that you do not trust or believe in who you are or worse, you don't know who you are at whatever stage in your life.  You have to rediscover yourself as you change, grow and evolve.  The old you is your comfort zone.  The new you has to stand out and be completely fearless.  
You can't you sell yourself, if you don't know or trust yourself.  One truth that I know for a fact in this world, is that any business or industry has one main goal, focus and priority.  It's called their bottom line.  If you are not an asset who is contributing to their bottom line in a major way, in other words making money or bringing in revenue, then it can't work.  They won't waste any time!  
The raw truth is that people can sense all of your weaknesses, insecurities, cover ups, lies and sniff out any BS you're trying to sell them.  They sense when you are afraid, embarrassed, new and naive to something.  They always know when your self esteem or worth is very low, so be careful in this world. Balance in life and self love will save you every time.  That can only come if you leave your comfort zone to discover who you truly are in this world.  Who are you?  What are you doing?  Where are you going in life and why?????? 
You learn who you are by paying close attention to the signs in life which are teaching you lessons about yourself.  Something as simple as educating yourself emotionally, intellectually and spiritually will help you achieve all of your goals.  You have to be more than hungry for what you want.  You have to be starving for it, that's how strong your desire must be to achieve goals.
People don't get confident and smart over night.  They become smart when they choose to learn their life lessons.  If they learn their lessons they become confident in life.  A smart person is one who is focused on every aspect of their personal growth and development.  It will allow them to grow into a person that they can do the impossible.  
A person with no college degree or experience can be smart and educate themselves by putting themselves in the right circles, learning from the people around them and working hard as they prepare for opportunity to knock.  They will challenge themselves to win in life!

If opportunity does not present itself, they will not wait around for it knowing that they create one in order to display their greatness.  They never give up or give in.  They don't stay discouraged or stuck in their dreams, instead they live, learn, grow, adjust, make changes as needed and prepare for their future.  
Anyone with this mindset or mentality understands that life is all about making the right moves, which has nothing to do with staying in your comfort zone.  Comfort zones are in the same neighborhoods as the lazy zones.  You must make things happen for you!!
Your job is for you to figure out how you will succeed in life!  You must do the impossible daily!  You must be very relentless in chasing your dreams.  I don't even mess with people that don't believe in me.  I leave those folks in the nonbelievers section of life.  Let them boo me way from the backseat of life because I'm too far ahead mentally, emotionally and spiritually to hear them.  I'm too busy loving my life!!!
Life is all about less talk and more action.  When you wake up each day, be wise about your thoughts, goals, plans, decisions and choices.  It is up to you to make sure that your life hasn't been mostly moments of Shouldas, Couldas and Wouldas!!  Life is meant to be lived very well and that cannot be done if you choose to stay in your comfort zone. 

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