Thursday, January 24, 2013


Your personal truth are your lessons & all of the experiences along the way that has brought you to where you are right now in life.  You should at the very least try to understand that your personal truth is not so much about what you've been through.  It is more about what you have truly learned & how you have figured out how the best ways to apply your lessons to create the life you desire right now as well as for your future.

We are always in the lessons that we need to learn in life.  Things don't just happen by coincidence.  Things are happening inside as well as outside of & around you for a specific reason.  Most people don't notice all of the signs that life has shown them.  Some people see the signs but blow it off as if it has no meaning or purpose in their lives.  

We need our lessons no matter how great, powerful, painless or painful.  We need them to learn & grow into the greatness that we are destined to become, but we have to grip it.  When we don't get a firm grip on the who, where, why & how, all while we are inside of our lessons then we miss the truth in it.  

We miss the reasons why things happen.  We miss each opportunity to make our lives more meaningful.  We miss out on healing, helping, learning & teaching so we can inspire others.  We miss our purpose for living through love with our personal truth.

People always look at television or read the papers to find images of great people, when the first place they should look for greatness is within themselves.  Anything outside of you is a reminder of who you can be & what you can achieve in life but you never have to look too far to discover greatness.  Your greatness lies within YOUR PERSONAL TRUTH!  

When you are open to your truth then your eyes will open to seeing your greatness. We are all powerful unless we choose to believe we are powerless.  I think people need to wake up hearing this message, go to bed hearing this message & hear these words all day every day!!!!  Everybody serves a specific purpose in this world.  

People keep telling themselves that they are not greatness in so many ways that they live out mediocre lives built on their fears or insecurities.  This is why people end up pouring out far too much of their energy into fame or looking up to or admiring SUPERSTARS.  That's nice because I do believe in showing love as well as giving people their props.  

Just keep in mind that you too are a SUPERSTAR.  You too have greatness within you but YOU MUST BELIEVE!!  While you're too caught up in the praise of others you miss out on discovering the greatness within you.  You need to understand that your greatness will need to be nurtured so you can shine!

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