Friday, January 4, 2013


You should always wear your invisible crown because you are a king & queen.  You're amazing, but you have to work at being this way daily.  Everything in life takes hard work so give life your all!

The struggle is all of the very mixed messages we receive all around us.  We live in a very confusing world.  If you don't take the time to learn who you are & how truly valuable you are, then you will always get caught up or be distracted.  

People literally crave negative attention & seek validation from others. It blows my mind as to why people would want to be put up on a pedestal.  Why?????? That's delusional thinking.  It is setting yourself up to fail in life.  Why do that?

I can't take the term "doing big things or do it big" when it's done for show.  You don't need to prove anything to anyone but yourself.  Live your life without the cheering section blowing smoke up your ass.  Stop living for praise & applause, it's very unhealthy!

You can't be so much of a follower, that you believe that there is no price to pay for that kind of attention.  Have you looked at all of the so called celebrities? People build them up 24/7 to tear them down, because they've put them on a false pedestal.  Who wants that life???

I've received a whole lot of attention all of my life & it's awkwardly weird.  Most attention is not healthy attention, especially when you don't know what a person's true intention is for you.  You know me, I always have questions.

I'm not some famous celeb who has to always be on 24/7 because the world is watching, but I can vouch for the fact that it's unhealthy to desire that.  Most grounded women & men who know their worth & have received a lot of attention for meaningless things understand what I'm talking about.  

You want people to fall back & give you space.  I don't want to be gawked at, stared at, poked & probed then put up on a pedestal so I can wait my turn to be knocked down to the ground.

People are so sick these days, that they actually cheer on other people's downfall, like it's a celebration.  That's sick!  Something is wrong with you & you are spiritually disconnected from your own soul when you celebrate people's down fall.  

It's not okay to put anybody on any kind of pedestal & it's not okay to take any comfort in watching them fall from grace.  That's a twisted way to think & see the world.  I don't have to love everybody, but I sure don't have the desire to watch anybody fall & hurting.  

People don't need to say or show me anything, because I'm reading them all of the time.  I always get a good sense of a person's energy.  I sense all of their love, hate, joy, pain, good, bad & ugly.

It doesn't matter what mask or costume a person wears, I still see their soul.  The soul does not lie, die or hide.  The soul will force you to face your truth the easy way or the hard way.  It all depends on how you live & learn life lessons.  

I've learned some excellent lessons about seeking attention, or having the need for people to validate your worth by placing you on a pedestal.  It's worse allowing others to place you on a false pedestal, because of what they see on the outside of you.  It's easy to deceive!

When you are right within your soul, you don't mind letting people see what is inside of you.  When you are right within, you won't mind sharing your truth because you are free.  You won't feel a need to fake the funk for nobody.  

Your external appearance, attitude, behavior & actions can be very deceiving.  That is why I need to see a person's soul.  That is who they really are.  Kids are trying to discover who they are, so I get why they get caught up in trends & what society thinks of them.

Adults need to outgrow the need & desire for the world to confirm that they are greatness.  If you don't fully understand the fact the you were born it the first step toward greatness, then you have some emotional & spiritual work to do on your soul.  

Greatness comes from within & we all possess that gift.  Tap into yours to discover your true purpose in life.  Once you discover your purpose you must work even harder to fulfill it.  People have convinced themselves that being praised for meaningless & trivial things matters.  Not so much!

Being a great person who can see the worst in a person, but have compassion to focus on their soul is greatness.  Living out your dream to make this world a better place is greatness.

Pouring your heart & soul into your children so they are confident in who they are & where they came from is greatness.  Setting goals & achieving each one is greatness.  Being a positive motivating force in this world is truly greatness.  

We are all leaders & teachers, but not everyone will step up & do their job to the best of their ability.  Learn how to lead your own life by learning your own worth.  We are all unique.  When you don't tap into your greatness in a healthy way, the universe is missing out on some kind of wonderful.  

You are so much more than all of the external validation you seek in this world.  Your value & worth comes from within.  You cannot get it outside of yourself.  Seek your worth first & then everything else will fall into place.  

You don't need to be on a pedestal & you don't need to knock anyone off of theirs.  We all will rise & fall at some point in our lives.  It's a part of living & learning our life lessons.  

I am not better than you & you are not better than me.  We are all here to live, learn & grow from our experiences.  I just like to learn mine sooner rather than later.  *TRUTH*

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