Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It is unfortunate that so many good souls put a tremendous amount of time and energy into feeding their fears.  Fear is a beast so you have to starve that monster every single day!!!

The other day I was thinking about some truly amazing yet damaged souls that I know or have met over the years.   Great people but lost souls who give off a certain energy that is very heavy, even when their mood is light.  

They are such amazing people who I fear will only discover their external potential because they are spiritually disconnected from themselves.  They seem to live outside of themselves with no control of their authentic spirit or guidance by their souls.  

There is so much more going on inside of you than outside of yourself, but you will have to do some deep rooted soul searching to discover who you really are.  The core of who they are is just so damaged that even through their smiles and so called happiness, they tend to carry that pain energy.  Pain energy carries a toxic vibe that feeds off of fears.  

You can't truly live a fulfilling life if  you continue to allow all of your pain or fears to consume and control you.  That to me is living dangerously.  Healing is required, but I think far too often people do not know where to start, or are afraid to get serious about really making a drastic change in their lives.  
If you don't fight to change for good, you will be stuck inside of your negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself.  If it is not positive thinking, then your mind can be a very dangerous place to stay!

That way of thinking or being will not only damage, but destroy you over time.  Once you know something is not right within your soul, it is wise to put on your spiritual armor and prepare for battle.  You have to chase that monster within, that you know is your very own darkness.  

You must chase it into your true light which will take some time.  It all begins with finding out where your hurt, pain and fears stem from.  People don't realize what a gift of light they are in this world.  You can't live life without guidance from your spirit and soul unless you want to be controlled by chaos.

I watch so many people who keep it real about some of the most meaningless things in life.  It's a mask and it's very obvious.  Any truly grounded soul will always have a certain sense of spiritual awareness about them.  *TRUTH*

I tell people all of the time that you would have to walk around all day long with a mirror in front of your face to truly catch your truth in motion.  

Only then will you peep all that sadness behind your smile or notice how much your eyes speak the truth when your mouth won't.  Every time a person speaks to me, I tune down their words so I can connect with their eyes.  

The eyes are direct and they want to keep it real.  You can never hide your thoughts because it does come out through body language, the eyes and most definitely your energy.  They are always a dead giveaway to how you think or feel.
People still think, feel or believe they are powerless against their fears or what hurts them.  That is a lie!  It's like being in a trance by something that constantly blocks your joy on a daily basis.  

Every day won't be perfect because life is here to challenge you but you do have the power to battle your demons daily.  That's a war you can win!  *TRUTH*

They hold no power over you.  Being in a trance has made it easier for people to receive and accept negativity which allows them to give all of their power away.  People function as if being positive is not keeping it real or isn't possible.  It's called faith.  If you have none, you need to get some.  *TRUTH*
All help, hope and healing begins with where you place all of your faith and power.  Why place faith in what will destroy you instead of what will uplift you?  You cannot rise above and soar in life unless you have a high level of faith.

Careful where you place your faith.  Having faith in your fears will destroy your heart, spirit and soul.  *TRUTH*

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