Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I took time to reflect on all of the super amazing moments that I was blessed to experience in 2012.  Some I wish I could blog about but I can't.  I try my best to blog about me without sharing about friends & family.  Sometimes it is hard because they are an AMAZING part of my life.  

The crazy thing is I go way back in time to share lessons from over 30 years ago.  I've come across many people along my journey so I could go on & on about those lessons.  Also I come from a HUGE family so it's almost impossible to really pinpoint who I'm blogging about.  

When it comes to my immediate family, I have to be considerate no matter what.  Now I did promise one special person.....well actually a few special people in my life that I would not blog about them but I have to share one thing & then that's it.  *I PROMISE*

My son who shall remain nameless, *lol* had so many amazing moments in 2012 that brought me so joy that it can't be described with words, so I'm not going the say much about it.  I'm just going to share how much he made his parents proud, his whole family proud & all of his friends proud.  

I talk about greatness all of the time because I'm not only surrounded by greatness, but I'm always connected to greatness.  Just imagine giving birth to greatness & watching it grow with your own eyes.  All I have to say is #24 is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! *PROUD & GRATEFUL*

Anybody else's kid would be happy to have their family or mom brag or post amazing pics, but not mine.  They don't play that, so I have to respect that!  I do get specific requests to keep them off of my blog & facebook page.  I guess I'll have to take more dramatic & quirky pics of myself to fill up my blog.  *LOL*

I am truly proud of my family.  I'm even more proud of my boys.  They are amazing & have all of the tools they need to travel their path in life as well as to fix & maintain their lives.  

They are also are blessed with a tremendous amount of the right kind of love & support they need to maintain their lives.  They have great parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins & friends.  Many families don't have that.

Now that they're growing into young men I will certainly respect their wishes.  I can't believe how they've grown up so quickly.  That means father time is catching up with me too.  It's all good because my goal is to get better with age & I'm achieving that. 

I just hope they look back on all of the love, support & care they've gotten over the years from their parents, family & friends as a reminder to live in a space of gratitude & thankfulness.  

Something tells me they will.  Great apples don't fall far from the tree.  Our family has some of the greatest apples in this universe.  TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

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