Thursday, January 17, 2013


I notice whenever some people feel completely insecure about something within themselves or they are dealing with relationship issues, they turn to sex as a way to boost their ego.  Men do this like it is a sport!  I feel women do it out of insecurity as well.  

Sex has to do with your external worth.  It's only worth something if you're willing to live outside of yourself, which does mean that you are willing to sacrifice & lose a part of yourself.  It is unhealthy, as well as very immature.  I get why some of our young people tend to function this way, but what's up with so called grown folks?

It's like being programmed or wired to constantly be driven by your lower desires.  Anything below the waist should not be the motivating factor in your life.  I'm still trying to figure out how bagging a chick or sleeping with a guy shows your worth.  I don't get it!

Using sex like a drug is a fools game full of drama, lies & a lot of manipulation.  People never put all of  their crazy baggage on front street. Nope! That comes after the sex.  Everybody tells everybody what they want to hear, just to get them exactly where they want them to be.  You only see the hot mess after the sex.
I crack up at how women react or tend to respond to men going hard at them or trying to sleep with them.  Real men don't need to do all that.  Most have been there & done that.   For some women it doesn't seem to click in their minds that of course guys want to sleep with you, the are looking for a release.

If you walk away, they will chase the next chick with the exact same line.  If you buy into what they are selling which is sex....well then, TAG!!!  You're it!!  If you don't fall for it I promise you the next chick will.  There is always a female who will fall for anything under the sun.  *SAD TRUTH*

How do you constantly allow men to feed your head with BS thinking you're going to get respect or value out of the deal is beyond my comprehension.  I mean if you just want to be sexed then okay, mission accomplished!  As a woman I think it is safe to say "WE CATCH FEELINGS REAL QUICK".  

Not all but most women do like the commitment and romance part of it.  I don't know too many women who just like to be screwed unless they will be receiving payment for their services.  Most women wait for that call, text or commitment because they all want to be THE ONE AND THE ONLY LOVE!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....most guys just want to have fun without the pressure of a having serious committed relationship.  It's a headache for most guys.  Men do talk and women are a hot topic for men.  They do not want to be on lock down because the men who are on lock down are not out there bragging about their relationships.  

If they were, most men would rush to put a ring on it.  If they did want to commit, you would be the first to know.  If you want more but a man is not giving you what you really desire, it's a sign.  It's about the sex with no emotional attachments!  

Some men seem to feel so empowered about being the man in the bedroom, or  car.....wherever it goes down. Just saying..... But seriously, it's feeding their egos because they do not feel completely secure.  They fear being vulnerable or not being good enough.  Most men really need a woman to tell them that they are sexual kings who are masters of conquering women.  

Ummmm.....what's that like a gift!  I guess men are God's gift to women?  Sorry to burst your bubble men but, not so much.  We are treasures & gifts to each other, therefore we should balance each other out, not overpower one another through sex.  

Your life is not a porn flick & even if it is IN YOUR HEAD, at some point you have to turn it off to deal with real life.

Physically, after a certain age men will not function like they did in their younger years.  Nobody does, especially if they didn't take care of their health.  You're only a sex GOD *IN YOUR HEAD*  Please grow up.  *Thank You*

Let it go so you can have a sexually mature relationship that can include some form of mental and emotional stimulation, minus the ego.  You should feel safe, protected, loved, nurtured & comfortable enough to be vulnerable with your partner.  No ego involved!!!

Having a sexually mature relationship is a lot deeper than "bagging chicks" or "putting it on chicks".  *SIDEBAR* 

The men who brag about sleeping with more than one woman at a time, excuse me, ummmmm you only have one penis that will probably last under ten or less minutes.....who are you fooling????  Oh, you're feeding your ego, my bad!  Please grow up already.  Just saying....
Let me fill you in on some truth.  All that ego crap does not work with REAL women who choose to invest their love, time, energy & sacrifice into a REAL man.  You can find ways to please each other without pretending to be SUPER SPERM but first take the time to learn each other on a deeper level.

If you're a man of a certain age, act like it.  KNOW THY SELF!  Be confident in how intelligent you are.  Be confident in what a great father you are.  Be proud of your accomplishments in life.  Be confident in what a great man you are because you treat women with respect.  All of that is sexy.  Lose the ego!!!!!!  

Everything has to do with what level of maturity you're on.  If you value your ego more than yourself then by all means chase sex, but just don't get things twisted while you're living your lie.  Call it what it is, which is using yourself and others to get your rocks off.  It has nothing to do with love so don't expect respect as part of the deal.  
I've come across as stuck up to many people.  So be it!!!!  It is not because I think I'm too good, it's because a lot of immature nonsense is beneath me.  I don't get it & I refuse to pretend.  I can't wrap my mind around it.  Sex is a hell of a drug.  It's like being addicted to abusing your body.  Listen, it is okay to raise your standards & place a higher value on yourself.  That's a good thing!

You deserve somebody who is worthy of all of you.  HEART! MIND! BODY! SPIRIT!  SOUL! AND MUCH MORE!!!

WE ALL ARE.............*TRUTH*

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