Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am so grateful that POSITIVE ENERGY truly flows through my veins. This is why I don't just wish or hope, I actually expect GREAT things to happen. If one thing goes wrong in my life, I'm expecting a trillion things to go right. It's how I live, think, feel and breathe. I don't just know that there is always a bright side to life, I make life brighter each day. *TRUTH* -Bindu
When you truly love someone, your day could never be ruined. Let me tell you why.....You will always wish the best for them. You will always want them to win in life. You will always be there for them, even if in the distance. You will not wish anything negative on them. People always get love twisted. Love is an unconditional kindness the comes from a giver who is selfless. There is no anger, envy, hate and jealousy or hurt in real love because peace will balance your love out. -Bindu
It's astonishing how many people actually believe it is normal to take ownership of their EX, as if they are property. They actually feel entitled to speak and act on what somebody from their past should or should not do with the new person in their life. It's almost as if their STAMP OF APPROVAL is required for any new found happiness. *LEARN HOW TO LET GO* It's called knowing your worth and loving yourself. -Bindu
Today I thank the Most High for all of the beautiful gifts I’ve received since I’ve been on this earth, but one gift that I am eternally grateful for is my son. He’s an Autistic Soul and a ball of love that bounces joyful energy throughout my world. I’m an even better mother because of him. -Bindu



Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes. We should always be aware that WORDS. are things of great power and energy. They can bring you to a state of peace, or they can bring complete chaos. It all depends on the receiver of those words. Reading your words today brought me clarity on what is important. You are a gifted writer Bindu. It will always be my pleasure to read your work.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I'm so grateful that it brought you some clarity. I hope those tears were the kind that cleanse you. You are absolutely right. Words do hold power and directly effect our lives. How we see, receive and accept things in life plays a huge role in the outcome of our situation. Be well! *PEACE & BLESSINGS* XOXOXOXOXOXOXO