Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I cannot stress the importance of discovering and learning how to be a loving and affectionate person.  I use to be one of those people that said IT'S SO NATURAL!!  Now I know better.  People cannot give what they never had.  

If nobody gave you, showed you or from birth instilled unconditional love and affection into you, then you may not know how to be a truly loving and affectionate soul.  If somebody hurt, abused and mistreated you then that may be what you know or that may be why you don't show love and affection so easily.

Depending on your experiences in life, you may not understand how very important that pure form of human contact really it.  It feels amazing to give and receive real love and affection. It is even more important if you are in a relationship and crucial if you are a parent.  Love and affection is healing. 

Love and affection of one of the most deepest forms of communication.  It allows us to communicate, teach and learn what it means to be unconditionally loved.  I use the term love because that seems to be what many people are seeking out.  People chase money, power, fame, attention, sex, etc......but truth be told they are lacking something divine that they are not aware is within themselves.  
People look at me crazy when I tell them to look within themselves for all of the answers to their questions, but the truth is, who knows you or who is capable of getting to know the real you better than you.  

You can tell people who you are or show a side of yourself that you feel comfortable sharing but you know the real you.  Self discovery and self love will lead you directly towards love and affection.  I was blessed to have been born into unconditional love.  

Everybody speaks about a mother's love and sacrifice but to this day my mother just blows me away with the amount of love and affection she has towards this cold and cruel ass world.  

She loves people like she gave birth to them and she lives to love her children unconditionally.  Just being exposed to that kind of unconditional love and affection will give you a confidence that you can't imagine.  

You can be intelligent, strong, powerful and still loving and affectionate.  That energy is truly uplifting and the world does not have balance without it.  We survive all of the hurt and hate because we give our love and affection to the world.  

If you can't be anything in this world at the very love and affection. 


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