Monday, January 28, 2013


One of the many lessons that life has taught me, is that the things that I assume are free, will cost me dearly!!! There actually is a heavy price to pay for all things. Kindness is no longer free, it use to be but not anymore.

People want you to repay their kindness or they will abuse yours. Caring comes at a cost because people expect something in return or will use up yours so it is no longer free. Generosity has a heavy price tag and we can barely afford it. 

Sincerity, compassion, trust, forgiveness and pureness is completely out of our price range. We will pay dearly when we offer it to the wrong people who are not accustomed to these gifts. They will somehow abuse it in some way. 

It may be intentional or unintentional, but certain people are unable to fully understand how valuable these treasures are, until they abuse or lose it. This is a major life lesson. When you know you have a pure loving open heart, be careful who you give it to.

Everybody is not ready to fully care for it. Just like everybody cannot recognize their own greatness, they cannot receive other people's goodness. They just don't know how. Take nothing for granted. Respect what you've been blessed with. 

Love freely and unconditionally, with a whole heart so you do not bind your blessings or block somebody's blessings. Doing anything halfheartedly without true peace in you mind, heart, spirit and soul will never serve you well. 

Joy will always escape you until you do right by others. Doing right by others on your terms only is not the same as doing right by others for peace sake. 


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