Wednesday, January 9, 2013


"In the end, people will judge you anyway. Don't live your life impressing others."
The most unhealthy & unrealistic way to live your life is in hiding & in fear of other people's perception of you.  Many years ago I worked with someone who lived for my downfall.

This person kept their focus on me all day long & lived for me to mess up or get something wrong in the workplace.

In the end it bothered this person more than it could ever bother me because I was focused on learning in order to grow.  
I could care less about failing or screwing up because I was grateful for the lessons.  When you believe in yourself is makes people with ill intentions very uneasy because they can't phase you.
People who focus on other people so they can judge them are the ones who fear their own skeletons the most.  The fear of being judged by other people is a mutha!!! *truth*

I can't describe how freeing it is to not be concerned with how others may judge me or what they might think of me or feel towards me.  I know who I am & I'm so focused on the woman the most high intended for be to become, that I have bigger & better things to concern myself with.  

I'm always looking for the saint in the judge & so far that saint does not exist.  Also I would have to think VERY highly of you to care & even with those I think highly of, I expect them to offer me knowledge & wisdom, not to judge me.

Life has taught me that this is such a struggle for so many people.  All I have to say is that what has helped me is having a clean heart towards others.  There is no hate or negativity in my heart.  I stay in my lane & only check people out of concern & a desire to help.  

If you know your intention is sincere & your heart is in the right place you should not fear being judged.  As busy & crazy as life can be people should be focused on their own personal growth & not wasting their time trying to judge others.  *FOCUS ON YOUR TRUTH*

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