Sunday, January 6, 2013


Something that I would define as greatness about myself is my son. He change the way I look at life because I never thought that 1 child smile can change your whole day. 
When I look into my son eyes I just see a whole different world. Just  a world full of happiness and no worries! Really it's a bunch of positive energy that is drawn from him that hits me to just be a positive person is the best way I can put it.  One of the biggest challenges was adjusting from doing a 9-5 to following a dream. The best way and only way I knew how to overcome it was to not give up on it and keep pushing myself.
In the beginning it was tough because you're trading guarantee income for maybe income and that alone will make you want to question if your decision was right but you have to put a solid game plan together and execute it. 
You also have to understand that everything will not go the way you want but that doesn't mean that you stop working hard. Also I removed negative people from around me because one thing I know a negative person loves to say is "I told you so!" 

When it comes to musical achievements I wouldn't call them personal because I am as good as the team plus one person can't do it all and right now I owe it all to the members on the HOUSE Studio Team. We was voted Best Professional Recording Studio in the D.C. area this year by the City Paper. 

Each person on the team works hard to keep this machine running. Yudu, Davina, Kimshimwon, Jake G, YaBoy Dave, P Murph, Randy, Torey, Lee, The Ninjas, and most of the people that comes to HOUSE for our services. Outside of music I would say me watching my son grow.
GREAT MUSIC!!!! When I hear songs like Smokey Robinson "Cruisin" ; The Temptations "Wish It Would Rain" ; Michael Jackson "I Want Be Where You Are" ; Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" or new songs like  Incwell "New Day" ; RAtheMC "Million Miles Away" ; Javier Starks "Now" ; and YaBoy Dave "Breath", it just moves me. It just feels right!!!
My mom! Without her I wouldn't be where I am now. She is always honest with me. When we don't have it, she makes sure we have it. 
Being in the music industry.... People will tell you anything they think you want to hear just to work with you. 
I would say the "Team Work" side has impacted me a lot. This industry business can easily turn you into a selfish person but with the right team that shares the same goals as you it makes everything better. 
Each member on the HOUSE Studio Team believes in each other but most of all we treat each other as "Family". It's rare that you will a group of people that instantly makes you feel like a family member.  
Life is a journey that takes you many places. Some great, some good, some bad, and some worst. Whatever place your journey takes you, you have to understand that it is a lesson from God. Meaning one day your fridge can be full of food & the next day it can be empty but understand why it was full & why it was empty.
Manhood to me is the transition from boy to man and right now to me the generation of man has changed.  
My days living on Parkhill in Staten Island, NY as a child. Stuff like all the house parties, P.A.L, playing in the back of 55, going to 57 for breakfast & lunch, getting new sneakers every time I made the honor role, Battery Park, Clove Lake Park, Riding the Ferry, and the corner stores. Nothing like a chicken leg sandwich, that 50 cent jug juice or getting a dollar worth of candy in a brown paper bag from the corner store. It was just fun! 
I wouldn't give advice to a younger me. Anything that happen to me when I was young was meant to happen therefore I wouldn't have learn the lesson from it.
As a boy I was HAPPY! As a man I am BLESSED!
 That if I was broke I would still do this music business. I LOVE MUSIC! 
OF COURSE!!!! There is music out there for every emotion a person can feel. When you are listening to great music though it just makes your body feel relax or how I like to say, it takes you in a zone.
Don't let people influence you and stay true to yourself, have faith, work hard, and enjoy each moment. 
I was cool before but right now I am bless, thankful, a father, an A&R, a teacher, a deep thinker, at peace and one of God's children. 
Through HOUSE Studio I was able to participate in something called Face Up 2 Cancer. It's an organization that raises the awareness about cancer & promoting healthier living to help prevent cancer to both youth & adults. HOUSE also run a program that helps youth in the DC area come to the studio to learn how to film video, become producers or artist, learn engineering, etc. 
Also HOUSE Studio has started a new program called the House Artist Grant which provides 6 artist a one time all access of House Recording, Visual, and Marketing services. Artists will also have access to workshops including and the Grant Program doubles as hands on training for youth in our House Academy Program. The youth receives all technical training at no costs to and also gives the House team an opportunity to help create stars on both sides of the creative process. The HOUSE Artist Grant is something we are very proud of and we encourage that every musician, artist, etc sign up! NO APPLICATION FEES! NO COST TO FILL IT OUT! Visit
"Think GLOBAL not LOCAL and if you LOCAL go GLOBAL" -A&R VIC
Please spread the word to all the artist you know about the House Artist Grant!
Also follow House Studio on Twitter @housestudiodc & follow A&R VIC @arvic20. 
Check out new video from Javier Starks ft RAtheMC & Phil Ade called "Fall Back" 
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I can vouch for the fact that Prince Victor-Scott Massaquoi is the TRUTH!!
He's not the only one who loves & is inspired by his beautiful mother.  I am very proud of him for not only his success but his hard work & dedication to being an amazing father!  I'm honored to have a direct connection to greatness.  *TRUTH*

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