Thursday, January 3, 2013


I think people would be a lot more honest with themselves if they didn't over-think things to the point of allowing all of their fears & insecurities to bother them.  Ignoring those things is choosing to ignore parts of your life.

I notice that most of the things people focus on or make a big deal about is not that serious.  The issue is everything that we decide is a big deal to us will always seem major even when it's not.

We have to learn how to just breathe sometimes & know that it's okay.  Life will be okay.  I like to feel all the way & what I mean by that is I want to get the full experience out of life.  

I don't want to cling to just the good things, the joy & happiness because that's not balance.  I need those lessons that the other side of life will bring me, unfortunately that means learning about hurt, pain & loss.  That's just a part of life.  That's the way life goes.

Life will put you on a path to start your journey but also take you through so many detours.  Many of your lessons will be during the times when you lose your way or become distracted & caught up.  That is when growth occurs.

You have to learn your lessons but most important you have to do something with your life.  People put too many limits on themselves.  

There are lessons everywhere & in every single experience that you have.  If you don't notice life all around & within you then something's off with you.  

Some people think they are born to just exist & do meaningless things that don't make sense to them.  Other's think they do meaningful things but they don't have purpose, so what's the point. 

If you are a parent, you should have learned a million lessons by now.  If you are a friend or have friendships, you should be paying attention because it is happening to teach you something.

If you've had intimate relationships the lessons are endless so think about what it taught you.

Life is for you to live fully.  You should grow, travel, seek adventure, learn something new, keep your energy positive & always surround yourself with people who not only will love you but who will keep you grounded.  Balance is key!

People don't realize that they are actually built for their experiences.  You're suppose to do something about it or do something with it.  Don't go through life complaining or feeling like you're always a victim.  

You're not a victim so stop fooling yourself.  None of us are.  Life isn't happening by coincidence or you didn't get assigned the wrong life.  You ever know people who point out other people's lives as if they got handed the wrong one.  Those people seem to feel that they should be living other people's lives.  Not so much!

Life is waiting on you to get your lessons so you can receive your blessings.  Learn right now, grow from it & use your lessons to create a better life.  In the better life there will be new lessons but this time you will have the personal growth, development & skills you need to be balanced & whole. 

That is just the way life goes.....start living it & stop just existing as if you have no power or hold no keys to change your life around.  Make it happen today because father time waits for no man & life will surely pass you by.  *TRUTH*

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