Thursday, December 13, 2012


I hope that you know this about yourself, because if you don't know that you are greatness, you will find yourself in the company of fear, doubt & naysayers. Protect your mind, heart, spirit & soul with positive thoughts about yourself. I reflect on my life, from my childhood to the adult I am right now & I have no doubt that I am greatness. 

I have no doubt that I am fearless. I have no doubt that I am courageous. I have no doubt that I am love & affection with the best intention. Every single time I'm about to fall or hit a brick wall I notice somebody in, out & around my life will enter my life space to encourage me, support me or remind me that I am greatness. 

Sometimes it's my family (I love my sisters), sometimes it's old friends & sometimes it's strangers who see something in me that I didn't notice or dismissed within myself. My goal is to make greatness a lifestyle & a way of being. I cannot do that if I don't believe in myself. 

What you think about yourself matters more than what anybody says or think about you. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE GREATNESS! *TRUTH*

I like Facebook because it has shown me all of the faces that one person can have. I've learned so much from it. Sometimes it's not the people who show you who they are that you need to focus on, because you can see those people very clearly. 

Sometimes it's the people you are related to, work with, are friends with, interact with, socialize with or who call themselves family that you need to turn your attention to. People need to understand that something is VERY wrong when you have to force people to be kind to you, cheer you on, support & encourage you. 

A kind word will cost a person nothing. That is a few seconds of their time to wish you well or the best of luck as you make changes in your life. It's also a respect thing if it is people who you personally know. Those are the people I pay attention to. The ones that has the world fooled into thinking I mean something in their lives, when they do not have the best intentions for me in their hearts. 

My heart always smiles at them. This is why awareness is so important. My ears listen to what people say but I respond to how my heart, spirit & soul has interpreted their words, thoughts & actions towards me. That's all I need to know. Be mindful of who is really for you & know who will get in your way. *TRUTH*

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Geri Barclay-King said...

Bindu, Thank you for this. The timing of this message is soo perfect!
May the Lord continue to use you to inspire others. It's the GREATNESS in you☆☆☆. Love you my sister ♡♡♡♡