Friday, December 28, 2012

MLC......*Misery Loves Company*

Hmmmm.......MLC!!!!!  Where do I begin????  You know I have to get it in.   I guess it doesn't matter because if you're a regular on my blog you know I don't hold back!  I just flow with whatever I'm feeling so if you're new to my blog, *WELCOME* Now buckle your seat belt!!  TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

FIRST of all....I am so grateful for having a lot of things but one thing I really appreciate about me is my discipline with certain things.  No my mouth isn't one of them.  *LOL*  

Once in a while I'll fall off with being disciplined but never when it comes to gossip folks & miserable people.  I'm the silent chin check queen when it comes to them because misery loves  some company.  They travel in packs.  I don't have time for that energy at all.
No time for fake folks who were not born into unconditional love.  I am who I am because I was unconditionally loved from the womb.  I am so grateful to be truly adored by so many amazing people.  Unfortunately, I had to be exposed to & deal with snakes & wolves at some point in my life.  Luckily I stay prepared.  

One thing that people should learn to do is to separate themselves from the pack.  I'm talking about the pack of emotional wolves & snakes with low standards & a much lower level of intelligence that only enter your life for sport to tear you apart for their personal kicks.  

Those are bottom feeders going nowhere fast in life that can't imagine compassion because they are too busy reading your life like a daytime soap opera filled with heavy drama.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, what's left of their *BS* lives is far worse than any bad day you could ever have.  Life has taught me that it's always those hot ass mess folks that love to stew in other people's misery because it takes the spotlight off of them.  TRUTH!!!!

Miserable people will always love company, but you have a choice to decline their invitation into your personal joy or sad moments in life.  Always surround yourself with people who got your back so much that they will break your fall every time life throws you a curve ball.

Personally I'm far removed from that drama.  I don't & won't play that, but no matter how much of a distance I keep, some of the people I care about are either too nice, too open, too caring or just need wolf detection & a snake alarm kit handy because they always allow those people into their lives.  

Even on a great day my whole energy reads "DON'T TRY ME".  I'm all love until you try me.  TRUTH!!!!  I'm use to good souls but in life we all cross paths with negative souls who feed off of the unhappiness or downfall of others.  

You have to have that don't try me energy at times, but do it in a way that sends a clear message to people so they are fully aware that you are not on the same level as they are.  When it comes to spiritual growth & maturity most people have a long way to go.  Wait......scratch that!  Most people are ignorant & clueless or just full if crap.  

A lot of people look at me & assume I'm stuck up or think I'm all that.  NOT TRUE AT ALL!  I love to create my own lane then stay in it so I can keep life simple.  The raw truth is I just don't do stupid.  I always wonder why people associate with or even choose to keep conversations with people with ill intentions.  What for??  Not required!

You can't be smarter than someone & keeping company with them or have them thinking they can come at you from their level of ignorance.  Don't allow that to happen.  It will stunt your emotional, spiritual & personal growth.

The same goes for being emotionally intelligent.  I can't do ignorance on any level but when people, especially women behave on a level that is not just beneath me but really beneath themselves, I can't rock with them at all.  I keep it positive with a strong crooked eye & I keep it moving.  
I'm not stuck on anything but a positive flow in life so why bother with miserable people.  I keep everybody in their place so they are fully aware of where they stand with me in my life.  This way nobody will ever get things twisted.  I'm amazingly sweet, loving & affectionate......until you try me.  

It blows my mind how & why people get caught up with wolves or snakes.  Sometimes I have to ask the people I love & care about to look within themselves because you have to be mindful of the company you keep.

Life has taught me many things.  One major lesson is don't do misery.  I achieve that goal daily by staying away from gossip folks, people with very low IQ's (they do exist....beware), also people who don't have pure intentions. They just want a scoop of your life to make themselves feel better about their own miserable situation.  

LOVE LIFTS YOU!!  Love never breaks you down.  All of the people in, out & around your life should bring love into your life!  If it isn't love, then it isn't healthy for you.  It doesn't matter who the people are.  It could be friends, family, co-workers or those gossip folks at church. Yes I said it!  Let them kick rocks!!  It's not worth the drama.

Any person who lacks compassion for your situation & has no problem taking comfort in your misery has to go!!!!!
If the people you interact, connect & communicate with on a daily basis do not keep you lifted, then it's time to keep your distance or change the people around you.  TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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