Friday, December 7, 2012


If you're waiting on me to evolve into perfection your way, you'll be highly disappointed.  I have so many more mistakes to make in my life that I can only imagine what I have to learn next. 

As much as I try to stay one step ahead of life, I always find myself deep within a lesson.  Those are the signs that life will show you as a reminder that you need to grow.  There will never be a point in my life where I won't need to grow.  

You can't learn every lesson all in one life time if you don't make mistakes or are forced to deal with crisis, that's how life truly works.  You're not suppose to learn every lesson in life.  You are here to learn specific lessons that will push you towards real purpose & meaning in life.

The minute you convince yourself that you've got your life all figured out, HERE COMES THE BOOM!!   Here comes a big ole' life lesson that you were not expecting & sure did not ask for!  You must be open to it, because it forces you to grow as well as really see another side of yourself that you may need to change.  

We cannot function one way in life.  That makes no sense.  I'm a good girl, bad girl, smart girl, dumb girl, silly girl, serious girl, mean girl, nice girl,etc.... This goes all the way into womanhood. I have to outgrow the little girl who still lives within me, so I can grow into real womanhood.  

In order for me to gain clarity & create balance in my life, I must acknowledge that at different times in my life, I am all of those people.  Like it or not we really are all that we see, feel, wish to be, desire, experience, love, hate, care for & judge.  We are all those people we love & hate.  We are all connected.

Maya Angelou said, "I am human, and nothing human can be alien to me.  The honorary duty of a human being is to love." *TRUTH*

Knowing that I am connected to everyone & everything, because I am "only human", it has taught me to stay grounded, be humble, don't judge or speak out if I am not willing to help heal & become a part of the solution.  

During my lifetime I was judged.  I can be very judgmental but my intent to heal will never change because it is truly coming from a place of love.  The intention must be to genuinely help & not hurt.  You damage your soul & hurt yourself, if you hurt others.  *TRUTH* 

Life has taught me that I am every woman or human being, for real.  I won't have the exact same story or make the same choices, but I am no better & no different.  This means that life has specific lessons waiting for me to learn.  I will learn it my way & others will learn life lessons their way.  

What saves me during my journey, is the sheer determination & strong will to learn every lesson I can BUT not the hard way.  I focus on how to tap into what is great about me. I think we all should.  As human beings, I believe that greatness, purpose & meaning should be at the top of our list of goals.  We can all do it because anything is possible!
We have to embrace the good, bad & ugly.  That's everybody story full of life lessons.  Sometimes it is good, bad, very pretty & very ugly.  We should ask questions about our own stories, so we can learn the lessons within the story.  

A lot of people can't answer their own life questions.  You have to do some soul searching & ask yourself, WHO AM I?  Who was I?  Why was I that way?  Why did this happen?  Why do I keep making certain choices?  Why can't I move on?  Why can't I let go?  Why can't I be stronger?  Why am I so weak?  How did I achieve this?  Where do I find the strength?  How do I believe in myself?  The questions should never end. 

Get your answers to your own personal life questions because that's where the lessons will be to teach you how to grow.  That is how you learn who you truly are.  You can soul search on your own or life will toss you a shovel & force you to dig deep within your soul to deal with your personal truth.  This is how you really discover your authentic self.

I soul search daily.  My life is about doing what I can to help, heal & be a positive motivating force in this world, BUT it can only be done my way.  Once I learned to love myself, I became more open to life.  The more open I am to life, the easier it is for me to embrace my lessons.  Once I embrace my lessons, I learned that I'm not so bad & I JUST GOTTA BE ME!  

At this point in my life, I don't even know how to be anything else but who I am.  I'm blessed for creating, changing & sticking to my own life script.  It's never going to be perfect but it works when I focus on just being myself.


Learn to truly love yourself first.  You can do it in so many ways.  Self love is the most important key you can use to open doors for yourself throughout your life.  If you love yourself, I promise you that you will not only feel but see life completely different.  


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