Monday, December 3, 2012


IN MY HEAD I think that sometimes my life is like the theme song from the movie "Mahogany", starring Diana Ross & Billy D. Williams.  "Do you know where you're going to, do you like the things that life is showing you, where are you going to, do you know?"  

I smiled while singing this song very early this morning, because it took 39 years for me to have no doubt that I know where I'm going & why.  I turned 39 years old today & who knew that life would begin to make sense just before 40!  

You can never prepare for the unknown but you can embrace it fearlessly!  I'm doing just that!  It truly is a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  For once I'm actually choosing to really celebrate the woman that I've become. Unapologetic of course!  Why apologize for being you or trying to learn life?
What a long journey towards real womanhood, a journey that never ends. I have to keep learning & growing.  I'm excited about life because I actually do know where I'm going to, I love the signs that life is showing me & I love the path that I chose to travel.  

I have so many life lessons to learn, but this time I will be fearlessly open to it.  Bring it on!!! Send all that life has to offer my way!  I accept life's challenges!

My truth is that 38 years ago a spiritual warrior of unconditional love gave birth to the "Little Girl Within".  That warrior was my mother & that little girl was me.  My mother is a powerful loving soul.  She's simply amazing!!! 

At this point in my life, the lesson of love she has shown me is by far my absolute favorite.  Literally it all began with my mother who is the golden key to my existence in so many ways.  She was the vessel that brought me into this world, but the gift of unconditional love that she's blessed me with is priceless.  

My mother poured love and affection into my heart from the depths of her soul, so that is who I truly am.  She is a spiritual warrior who dreams speak to her every time she closed her eyes.  Her dreams guide those she loves every day.

She loved me so right that I grew up believing greatness lies within me.  She raised me so right that I have no doubt that I am greatness.  I'm grateful for the nurturing, support, care, discipline, encouragement & great expectation she has for me.  

I would really struggle in life without her constant support.  Nobody can do anything on their own.  We all need guidance, support, mentors & teachers. My mother has taught me the meaning of GREATNESS & I plan to live up to it! 

Not everyone has a safety net that is 100% secure, so that you will never hit the ground when you fall.  My family is that safety net for me, but my mother's safety net is made of teflon.  She's a spiritual force of loving energy, with nerves of steel.  She does everything in her power to have my back & hold me down.  

My mother raised me well.  She taught me all of the life lessons I needed to water my own garden in order to grow.  All of the lessons that she didn't or couldn't teach me I was able to learn by using the tools she gave me.  She encouraged me to think & question life.  

She didn't just tell me to further my education, instead she showed me.  My mother kept adding onto her degrees because she wanted to further her education.  She didn't just tell people to treat her well she treated people well every single day of her life.  When she realized people in her life or around her didn't treat her well she spoke her  peace and wished them well.  

My mother always defended those she loved in a protective way.  If she can help or support you she will.  She taught me to be open, be loving, be kind, be generous & just be myself.  The biggest lesson that my mother gifted me was to truly learn what love is so I didn't make the mistake of shutting out love.  
She taught me that love will not always come gift wrapped with a pretty bow on it.  It may come to me broken so I can *peace* love back together.  Love may come to me not nourished so I can nurture & nourish love.  She taught me to be humble, forgiving & live my life through love.

I know I've made her proud of me in so many ways.  I have no doubt that her *MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED*  I will get better with time......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  *INDEED*

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