Thursday, December 13, 2012


I am proud of returning to college to complete my bachelors degree after many years of being a single mom.
Lack of college education stumped my chances of advancement to managerial positions. By returning to college and completing my degree, opened up many doors for opportunities such as small business owner, consultant and more. 
Another challenge is juggling kids, husband, work, finances, home and some "me time". 
I just ask the Lord for strength and guidance.
Personal achievement: 
Owning my own business 
"Leave it to Geri Event Planning Services"
Friendship Lesson
Friendship itself is a relationship. It requires Time, Patience, Compromising, Nurturing and definitely needed in this thing we call LIFE!
Relationship Lesson 
I learned that in a relationship, one have to put God first because there are many challenges that lies ahead and guidance is definitely needed. 
Favorite Quotes 
"There's a million reasons why you should not do something but all you need is one reason why you should" 
"If you fail to plan, plan to Fail" 
Mother is someone who nurtures her child, offers guidance to her child, 
teaches her child and possess strength when at her weakest. 
Life has taught me to have Faith. Things happen for many reasons. 
Although things may not worked out as plan, it's okay because you still did it. 
Just remember that God has a plan for you...Be patient. 
Geraldine growing up was sociable, fun to be around, caring, driven go-getter and a leader... She is still the same Geraldine however, a little more wiser and patient. 
I am a good hearted, blessed, woman of faith. 
Written & expressed by 
Geraldine Barclay-King 
I've known Mrs. King since childhood and I must say that we both have come a mighty long way. I'm happy for all of her accomplishments in life and I'm truly proud of the phenomenal woman she's become. She's an amazing soul, mother, wife and entrepreneur. She's greatness to me because she is the truest definition of what it means to be a woman of courage and tremendous strength. You see it in how she loves her family and friends. 
Geraldine has kept the same smile on her face no matter how tough life can be. She offers others her friendship and joy. She's not only a true beauty but a true blessing to those that know her. She has not only tapped into, but is standing firmly within her greatness. 

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Keisha Hamilton said...

Geri is a fine lady. From the first day I met her she has NEVER changed. She is loving, fun, respectful, focused, driven I can go on and on about her but I am pretty sure you get the picture. Lol. I am blessed to have met her AND I thank God for placing her in my family. She helps balance the family and I couldn't ask for a better friend or sister. She's just a great person all around! We clicked from day one! Thanks for including Geri in your blog! To know Geri is to love Geri.