Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Staying focused on love & happiness is what positive people do but it makes miserable people mad.  It's like they are not ready for your joy to be on display so they try to hold you back from being happy.  I have witnessed this a million times over.  

It is so true that you can't be too happy within life because certain people will start to look at their own life then compare.  When their joy does not match or exceed've got a problem.  You get what you put into life so I deserve joy because I work hard for it!  TRUTH!!! 
Who is supposed to wait around for other people to catch up to their happiness?  Get your own!  Create your own! Be your own!  There is always a way but people focus on others too much!!

Everything takes work!  If people don't understand that life lesson then every aspect of their life will be an unbalanced struggle.  When you are truly right within certain people who carry a negative vibe will just rub you the wrong way, all day every day!  

I say this at least 5 times a day:  I CAN'T DO NEGATIVITY! It curls my blood....seriously!  Go that way with that crap because I keep it positive & keep it moving!

You can be minding your business & doing things to keep your world filled with joy, only to have your happiness interrupted by foulness.  It is always from those not quite right folks.  I don't know how people keep them around or in their circle.  

If you watch any close family, friends, co-workers do foul things to other people but never check them, that's speaks volumes.  What's up with you???  Those folks are devious characters that love to attack others on some passive aggressive & subliminal mind games just for kicks.  

They carry & hold onto negative energy because they are not right within.  That's why I never  care about what's on the outside.  I'm trying read what a person's eyes are trying to show me.  I'm trying to see their soul & listen to their spirit.  Save the mouth cause the tongue will surely lie!!! *TRUTH*

One of the worst life lessons that life has taught me that certain people in this world just thrive off being master manipulators.  I had to figure out how to recognize then handle foulness directly, indirectly & subliminally.  *SMH @ foulness*

Well, I really could have skipped that part of life lessons & done without the negative experiences. It can leave you feeling drained & exhausted.  

No matter how they present themselves to the world things just don't add up.  They go to extreme lengths to create a persona & convince you that what you see is what you get.  Even when you don't deal with them directly they have a way of effecting you indirectly.  You can be minding your business & you just begin to feeling your moral compass go crazy, as if a spiritual storm is about to hit your core.

Sometimes people get things twisted because there are many levels of foulness.  Now don't get me wrong because EVERYBODY has some crap with them but it's their crap so they keep it in their trash can.  Some folks like to dump their garbage into other peoples cans & act like they have no idea how it got there.

We all have our issues & demons but some people turn out to actually be the demon they claim to be trying to escape in life.  They are so foul that you will get a headache from just trying to wrap your mind around why they do the things that they do.  They play mind games, manipulate others & will refuse to hold themselves accountable for their actions.  

The sad truth is that sometimes folks are just not quite right within their souls.  They will go around & find a million ways to make life a living hell for every person they connect with, instead of working on healing themselves.  I must admit that there is something that just urks my soul about those "NOT QUITE RIGHT" kind of folks!  

Those people who keep your mind racing as you try to put your finger on what is just not quite right about them.   Something about them doesn't sound right when they speak.  Something about their energy is heavy.  When entering someone's personal space they tend to carry an odor & stench of foulness, as if they just sit & wallow in it all day long. 

Guard your energy.  I don't understand people when they go on & on about all of the foul people around them.  I'm like "who the hell left the gate open??"  Why are they in your life?  I don't give so much as a "hi" to foulness.  I won't accept it in my life because as soon as you do they go in for the kill.  

If it does not bring you love, joy & peace then it will not serve you well within your life.  You set the tone for all of that.  You control your circle, space, energy & thoughts.  I don't sit & think negative thoughts about people all day.  I'm barely focused on other people.  You have to really do something to get & keep my attention because I'm busy creating my joy.

I'm enjoying this moment right now.  I'm smiling, laughing,  loving & living through love while planning for my future.  Every day you have to figure out what works best for you in life.  Change happens but you should be prepared for it because it may or may not go your way.  You should not have time for any energy that does not uplift you.  
The goal is to soar as high as you can in life!  You can't do that when you allow certain people into your life or when you don't escort certain people out of your life.  You should be cleaning your life as the seasons change.  Let new positive people in & allow negative people to walk out.  Some you have to toss out!  Just wish them well & keep your life moving.  

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