Wednesday, November 7, 2012


You really are so much more than what this world offers, teach or will tell you that you are.  Life is not about what people or things outside of yourself will have you believe.  Life is about the discovery process as you figure out who you are meant to be.  You cannot discover anything if you do not search for it.  

Only you can offer your greatness but first, you must know thy self.  You know when you take the time to learn & discover your truth.  Who are you?  Why are you here?  Why do you do the things you do in the way that you do them?  How does your existence matter in this world.  The world should be a better place not because you are here but because you put in the work it takes to help make it better.

This world is very confusing at times.  When you are broken wide open, you will attract & allow certain experiences into your life.  I grew up in the churches (various religions).  I would observe & spend most of my time as a young girl studying souls of so called "sinners" & "saints".  I spent a lot of time watching the world up close & from afar.  I would analyze, study, question & dig deep for answers to why people behave the way they do.  

I've learned that some people believe in God, some believe in many gods & some say they are God but mean it is different ways.  I discovered there is a competition for who is the real messiah & people will kill for their right to be right.  Also some believe in science & some people are atheist who despise religion.  Some people are new age, some people are esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical who speak on all of these spiritual experiences.  I actually find them all quite interesting.

I don't like the bully approach which seems to force or guilt people into feeling fearful of believing or not believing in something.  I for one don't pour my energy into labels or having arguments over beliefs.  I don't like to argue so I can't imagine debating about what people believe, repeat, read, hear, think, say or preach.  I choose to leave that to everyone else.  

I simply listen to my soul knowing that I have a direct connection to the most high.  I would not be doing what I do or offering you a part of my soul if the universal creator did not give me a gift.  I believe all souls have a calling but we will travel different paths to get where we need to be.  

I say do whatever it takes to gain faith & personal growth.  When you connect to greatness, you will always discover greatness within you.  When you discover your very own personal greatness you will know exactly what to do with your life. With that said, CONGRATS to everyone who has taking a leap of faith to discover that there is so much more to them than what they have experienced in life. 

If you are a parent, you are more than that. If you have a great career, you are more than that. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or illness, you are more than that. If you are a homemaker, you are more than that. 

If you are unemployed, struggling to pay bills, you are more than that. If you were raised in poverty or exposed to drugs, alcohol, physical & sexual abuse, you are more than that. If you are suffering from a broken heart or if you feel your relationship is falling apart, you are more than that. 

If you struggle with jealousy, insecurity or a low self worth, you are more than that. If you fight to make life right but it seems to always go wrong, you are more than that. You have to believe that you are so much more than your pain & experiences. 

You are responsible for creating your joy, so get on your job!!! In life there is no growth without pain. You must step into your personal life lessons & learn that YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT!  

Stay clear of people, places, things & choices that do not maintain your joy.  Life works best for me when I make my life about what keeps me happy, smiling, singing, dancing. 

So far I have learned that I do that.  I work hard to create my joy.  I do things to make me smile.  I find a reason to sing.  I dance to make myself happy.  I am responsible for my life.  When I am happy, then everybody around me is just as happy.  *TRUTH*


BellaNubian said...

I have been so blessed to read your blog you have inspired me and helped me to start my journey of self love and discovery..God bless you abundantly for sharing you gift with the world.You are the truth!!


Thanks so very much beautiful!! It truly is a journey but I promise you it is worth it. You've touched my heart with your heartfelt words. It's amazing people like you that bless me to share truth. I wish you all the best & many blessings. You matter & you are truly worthy! *PEACE & BLESSINGS* :-)