Friday, November 30, 2012


"Women are encouraged to be ornaments instead of instruments."  ~Gloria Steinem  *TRUTH*

I'm just going to shoot straight from the hip today!  Hold on tight & keep your mind right so you can grip this truth!!!!

The fact that women are the most powerful beings on this planet but are led & bred to believe that they don't run things is beyond me.  Get your mind right!!! Women have to WAKE UP!!!

Women have to stop behaving as if they are powerless!  Stop following a culture that says women are to be judged by what is on the outside instead of what is inside of us!!  Common now!! We are innovators & trendsetters but not for trivial things!

It works my nerves to see & hear women talk about greatness as if it does not exist within them.  I don't want to hear about what Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Soledad O'Brien, etc.... did as much as I want to hear what you did & what you plan to do!  

I mean the list is endless so we can live through other women of strength all day long but what about us?  What are we doing collectively as women right here & right now?  We need to stand just as tall if not taller than the women we admire & look up to.  It's called doing our part.  LET'S DO IT!!!

There are a billion choices in life, why choose to be broken instead of being balanced & whole??  These women are showing you how it can be done & you're still in the audience clapping instead of picking up the torch to light the way for others.  That makes no sense to me!  *TRUTH*

Females talk about the great women of our time as if they are not one or can't be one.  Stop limiting yourself by not living up to your greatest potential.  You're capable of being an important leader, role model & great example too!

You have the gift of bearing fruit.  If you are unable to bare fruit you still have the gift of being a nurturer.  Women are the key of life!! This is way divide & conquer works so well among people, especially women.  

Divide, conquer & keep them ignorant to how powerful they are.  I'm telling you right now that in every & any situation you have power.  Your mind is a tool!!  USE IT!!! 

If collectively women decided to have a no sex campaign to force a change with domestic violence, child abuse, to end war or anything else we would "TURN THIS MOTHER OUT"!!!!  It's been done before.....Liberia, West Africa!  *TRUTH*

I feel like women are failing women!  Women are failing little girls! Women are failing their sons!  If a woman does not know her value & worth, then she's just waiting to be led by whomever or whatever life tosses her way.  

That makes no sense to me.  You are powerful!  Stop thinking, believing or acting as if you are powerless.  You own your body.  You own your mind. You own your heart.  You own your soul, so STOP IT!!!  Women allow, accept or put themselves through so much crap before they wake up!!  Wake up!! 

You are not a victim of anything unless you accept that title or role.  You are not weak in any situation.  You certainly are not powerless.  The fact you can bring life into the world or nurture life, that is powerful, but you must use your power wisely.  


You need to educate yourself & figure out who you are in life first, before anything else.  If you grew up in poverty, there is a way out.  If you grew up being sexually abused, there is a way out.  If you grew up abandoned, neglected, physically abused & disrespected, there is a way out.  

You owe it to those who don't know your path or what you've been through to share your life lessons & help them avoid life's pitfalls.  You owe it to those coming behind you to be an example of strength.  They need to see what the victor looks like because there are too many examples of what a victim is.

They need to be taught how to triumph in life.  EACH ONE TEACH ONE!!! What's going on here??? What is the village doing????  Why are women breaking their necks to live a bag & boots lifestyle to impress men or other shallow women when children are suffering in their own communities.


We is the community??  Where is the village of intelligent, supportive women of strength!   Oh, I know....they are too busy watching & talking about "Black Girls Rock", as oppose to rocking out in their own lives! We are the community! We are the leaders of today!  We must prepare our little soldiers to be great leaders for tomorrow.  We cannot fail them & we cannot fail ourselves.  

What are you doing in your life that is a disservice or disgrace to yourself?  I ask this because you can't to nothing for anyone if you don't get your own affairs in order.  Stop focusing on trivial stuff & lead already.  

Stop pouring your soul into all the wrong things around or in life & getting shortchanged in return.  Learn your worth & pass that value onto others!! Hold your head high & get a firm grip on your powers!  You are strong enough!  How do women take so many hits, beatings & abuse then bounce back but they don't use their strength to win in life?  

Have no doubt that you can win in life. Empower yourself! Manager & control your life better than ever!  You're a gift & don't let nobody tell you different! Give back, help other women & girls.

Offer your wisdom, because if you've lived you & you have a story then you have wisdom to offer.  

Life has taught you some things that could inspire or save another woman, child, boy or man.  You have purpose but you have to figure out your strengths so you can build on it & be a part of healing this world.  

Share your truth & get a firm grip on your purpose!! You have purpose that is bigger than being what society tells you being a women should be!! You define that....nobody else but you!! Share your truth to inspire, motivate & help heal others. 

GET A GRIP ON YOUR PURPOSE!!  You are greatness so raise your standards in every aspect of your life.  Here's some truth for you............If you command respect you will never have to demand respect!  There is a huge difference.  STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY! 

I promise you........It's about to be a movement!!!!!!!!!! *TRUTH*


Road2Freedom said...

Now this is what I am talking about! The Truth in all of it's naked glory!!! ~SakinaWG

Road2Freedom said...

Now that's what I am talking about! The truth in all of it's naked glory! Women are so amazing. We are so full of life and love and we all have story to share. A story that will help to build each other to be even better then we ever thought we could be! You so inspire me to want to be the best I can be!~SakinaWG


Thanks so much!!! I believe it with all my heart because I see it in everyday heroes! WOMEN ARE THE TRUTH!!! :-)