Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was having a conversation with someone & the term "RIDE OR DIE" came up.  I notice that people love this term.  I guess it shows loyalty & being in it for the long haul.  

Like with many things in life, I actually thought about how I relate to this term.  After a few seconds I came to the conclusion that hey...I'M NOT RIDE OR DIE.  I'm more like WAIT...DOES THAT ISHHHH MAKE SENSE????

If you don't know me by now then you gon' learn about me today!  I ALWAYS have questions "IN MY HEAD", so I will always be searching for answers to make sense in my life.  

My first question is who or what am I supposed to ride or die for????  Should it be friends that do dumb ishhhh???  Should it be family members making the same dumb mistakes????  Should it be people who are sinking with the ship because they didn't see the ice berg ahead????  


What I can & will do is be the blessing & not the lesson.  Ride or die just might work when you're a kid getting into foolishness with your best friend because the stakes are not high.  Ride or die does not work when you've grown up & have a lot to lose.  I can't afford to lose time because I can't get it back.  

I'm riding for my kids to stand on my shoulders & become extraordinary human beings in life.  That takes quality time, money, energy, wisdom & constant support.  I'm riding for my family & friends to succeed in life if they are willing to work hard for it. I'm not going to ride or die for foolywang!!!

FOOLYWANG is a real movement that I simply refuse to be a part of.  Who has the energy to keep pushing adults a.k.a. grown ass people to ride on the right path so we all don't die from their dumb decisions in life?  NOT ME!  

My message, mantra, philosophy & truth to those I love is.....please come correct family & friends.  Offer me what I offer you.  I'm checking myself so you don't have to check me therefore you need to come correct!!! Life is too short to ride or die.  You gotta ride to live.  LIVE & LOVE LIFE to the fullest by how your soul will define it, not out of obligation to others.

I plan to flow forward directly into greatness while living fearless in my truth so I need to be clear as to who I am riding with & why I am riding with that person.  That person will need to come correct in my life & not drag me down with theirs.  

When you're no longer where you use to be in life, you must THINK before you SINK!  

I think it is wise to ride with people that will allow you to grow with or without them.  I think it is wise to ride with people who love & uplift you.  I think it is wise to ride with people you have your best interest at heart in a selfless way.  

You should always THINK when it comes to relationships, friendships, business & family.  If people have a title & position in your life, then they need to play their role as well as do their part.  A person's intention for you will reflect why you should want to ride or die for or with them.  

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