Monday, November 12, 2012


In my crazy life I try to find a quiet space to write my thoughts out.  I do my own personal mental health exercises for personal growth.  The question that I'm going to ponder in my life today is:  What are my fears right now, this day, this hour, this minute, this second, in this very moment?  What am I afraid of?  Why am I afraid?  Who in my life is playing a role in my adding or subtracting my fears?  
"Sometimes the wrong person comes at the right time in your life. In that moment they are the right person for you to get the lesson as well as the blessing within your experience. People are always looking for the fairytale but that's not the real. There are new experiences and lessons to learn until the end of time. What is meant to be will always be and we can't change what is already written in our future. This is not only true but such a tough life lesson to learn. Most of us have to repeat this at least a few times in our lives before we learn to let go. ~BINDU

"Life teaches us from birth that TRUST is fragile. We learn about TRUST from an early age. When your parents and family break your TRUST it changes everything. It changes your faith in people. I have learned that if you cannot TRUST the people who are responsible for raising you, guiding you, supporting you, nurturing & loving you, it will leave a void. CAREFUL WHAT YOU FILL IT WITH because it could leave you broken.

Lack of TRUST carries over into everything that we do. We don't TRUST people, because we've been taught not to trust by how we've been neglected, abandoned, mistreated as well as the things we've been exposed to. When we learn how to TRUST ourselves, then placing our TRUST in others becomes easier. First we must be honest enough to tell people that we don't TRUST them and look a little deeper into why we don't TRUST them. Most times it's not about the other person, as much as it is really a lesson about who we are and how we view ourselves." ~BINDU

If you do not pay close attention to all of the signs that your life is showing you, you will never understand why things happen the way they do. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!! Sometimes your life is not falling apart, instead your life is preparing you for transformation. When at a crossroads in life, you need to challenge yourself to make a change so you can become your highest self. ~BINDU

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